Interior architecture is the design of the spaces of a closed place and the objects of common use within it, be it a private home, a commercial establishment, a reception space, a work environment. A branch of architecture that focuses mainly on the interior spaces of a building, from the distribution aspects to the study of furnishings and finishes.

The matter has evolved over the years, it no longer deals only with decoration, space beautification, but the competence of the interior designer architect must range in many fields, technological, artistic and technical to offer the client beautiful environments. , comfortable and representative of his personality.

In this sense, interior architecture and interior design meet in the person of the interior designer, a creative figure who has the mission of combining the functionality and living comfort of interior spaces with aesthetic, artistic and innovative taste. of the people who live there.

Covered market Hala Koszyki
Interiors for an indoor market in Warsaw. Rough walls contrast with elegant materials

The Polish studio Medusa Group was commissioned to design the interior of the "Hala Koszyki" indoor market and the offices above it in order to recreate the architectural style of the 19th century in a slightly different way by replacing elements of the past with simple materials such as concrete

Counter of a coffee shop
Architectural project on a small, complex site. Mirrors and curved lines for larger spaces

Bureau Daniel Zamarbide studio addresses the design of a bar on a restricted site, which seems to be larger thanks to small design features such as colours, the use of curved lines, perspective or the use of mirrors

Historical buildings Antwerp
Apartments with the qualities of a house. Large living spaces in an old mansion

In Antwerp, a Belgian city, in an old and spacious mansion, three apartments are designed by PootArchitectuur studio, with the idea of providing each one with all the comforts and qualities of a home

Interior bar red
The red colour is the protagonist of a small bar. Interior without limits towards the outside

h3o architectural studio designs the interior of a small bar in Barcelona, the interior of which seems to be screaming outwards, with its intense red colours that do not allow the limits to be seen

Apartment years '50 renovated
Apartment from the ' 50s in Girona. Overlooking beautiful views and rooms flooded with natural light

The Egue y Seta studio renovates an apartment that is extremely typical of the 50's style, in which the tiles were overflowing and the rooms were extremely small, crowded with classic Spanish furniture.

Historical apartment
Centenary apartment in Barcelona. Balance between old and new building languages

The TwoBo Arquitectura studio renovates an apartment with 120 years of history, preserving the original characteristic elements, such as mosaic floors and ceiling moldings and eliminating the numerous internal partitions of the original layout. 

Apartment with stone walls
Long and narrow plan. Re-allocation and optimization of the available spaces

Located on the top of five floors, the apartment of about 70 square metres was badly arranged and in poor condition. The Carles Enrich Studio renovates the interior spaces, giving life to concatenated and bright spaces, with a careful design

white staircase body and wood
Brick house from multi-family to single-family house. Enclosure intact, interior redesigned

The Chicago-based architecture studio Vladimir Radutny Architects is responsible for renovating a multi-family home in precarious conditions, redesigning the interior and leaving the outer shell intact, with the exception of a few openings.

restaurant facade cement garden
New design for a restaurant in São Paulo. Different use of spaces for renovation

São Paulo is home to one of the largest communities of Japanese immigrants and as a result, the country's cuisine has been fully integrated into the life of the city. The owner of Kosushi calls the studio Arthur Casas to give a new life to the restaurant. 

Minimal interior dwelling
Recovery for a new residence in Barcelona. Wide and open spaces for living

In Barcelona, Architect Raul Sanchez renovates the premises of an office adapting them for residential use. Large, bright spaces to live in the house designed in an open form but enjoying a level of privacy thanks to the spatial geometric effect.

Apartment in the heart of Barcelona
Renovation of a house in Barcelona. A diagonal spaces give originality to the project

The Miel Arquitectos studio dismantles the structure of the existing walls and creates new physical and visual connections in the historic apartment in the heart of Barcelona, reinterpreting the spatial structure.

ceiling brick vaulted white kitchen with counter continuous
Ceiling as a unifying element of the spaces. Apartment as a continuous space

The architectural studio CAVAA is the protagonist of the intervention on an apartment of 50sqm, with a poorly ventilated and illuminated space, which has been transformed into a continuous space, minimizing the partition walls and creating a unique false ceiling

Restyling historical apartment
Restyling of an Apartment. Classic elegance blends with modern design

The interiors of an apartment located in Strasbourg, France, are revisited by the YCL studio, which decides to preserve the classic elements and rework them into a modern light, distinguishing new and classic style with different shades of colour.

stone counter bar counter
Renovated restaurant in Palermo. Finishes and materials amplify the brightness

DiDeA Studio renovates the new Bistrot Cento61 in Palermo, an old restaurant located in a historic building of the early '900, fulfilling the client's desire to create a special place with a light and informal atmosphere

gallery garden veranda on the patio
Garden gallery in Barcelona. The space opens onto the courtyard and creates light effects

Ylab studio inaugurates the apartment during Barcelona Design Week 2018. It is a renovation in the old Gracia district of Barcelona, where the focus of the project was to restore light to the spaces by creating a gallery overlooking the courtyard

Renovated apartment
Apartment in Turin. Combining classic taste and contemporary furniture

The Architects of the Turin Architecture Studio Officina 8A renovate an apartment by proposing a contemporary furniture among recovered and renovated frescoes and stuccoes to the client

Interior apartment
Reddish ceramics for the interior of an apartment. Continuity between the interior and exterior

CoDAarquitetos, Brazilian studio renovates a small apartment in a residential complex dating back to the '60s in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Brasilia, AsaNorte, a project characterized by the use of red ceramics

The open space space separated from the glass wall
Renovation of a former industrial building in Spain. From old warehouses to apartment

Egue Y Seta Architectural and Design Studio renovates an apartment in Barcelona, reorganizing the interior spaces of the former Poble Nou warehouses which are now habitable

Conversion of a Victorian apartment
Conversion of a Victorian apartment. Small arrangements to achieve great quality

An apartment located in the elegant Stoke Newington, London, is being renovated to create a more open and bright space, thanks to the displacement of some dividing walls, improving its quality of life

Wooden and brick lofts
Modern loft made of brick and wood. Small touches improve living comfort

York Loft is a modern living attic in wood and brick, designed by the American firm Todd Davis Architecture who are based and located in San Francisco, it is equipped with a number of design gimmicks that significantly improve the quality of living

Interior of a restaurant
Restaurant with a lively design. Interior in various shades of green

The balbek bureau studio designs the interior of a fast casual restaurant. The interior design appears lively, simple and elegant at the same time, practical and durable, characterized by green tones, the distinctive colour of the company

Flower shop with perforated brick walls
Scenic space for a Flower Shop. Perforated brick walls at the base of the furniture

The renovation project of the flower shop "Amapaola" of Fresneda& Zamora Arquitectura, through the use of exposed perforated bricks, gives a contemporary appearance and gives homogeneity to the space, allowing the greenery of the vegetation to stand out

Bright apartment
Traditional Brazilian plan is refurbished. The apartment becomes spacious and bright

The renovation of an apartment in a neighbourhood of Brasilia by CoDA arquitetos saw an update of a traditional plan, which limited the entry of natural light and created a poor arrangement of interior spaces

Inside restaurant counter
Eclectic style for a London restaurant. Re-enactment of the 1950s Milanese dairies

The Milanese architecture studio Vudalfieri-Saverino Partners has created a new restaurant in a district of London that evokes the atmosphere and charm of the Milanese dairies of the 1950s in an eclectic style

attic with white colours
Renovated attic in the Province of Bologna. Light & Colours between shades of white

The renovation of an attic, in a small villa from the 1940s, in the foothills of Bologna, carried out by architect Elisa Manelli, envisages the centre of the house to be a large open space, with a living area and kitchen overlooking the dining area

minimalist renovation
Restructuring in Canada. Minimalist space that breaks into domestic models

With his IN3 project, Architect Jean Verville proposes an architectural project that exploits excess and exuberance while maintaining his signature of presumed minimalism

Restaurant in Seattle interior renovated
Renovated restaurant in Seattle. The Project extends to the Garden and the Open kitchen

In Seattle, the SHED studio project connects two small buildings, both originally used as restaurants, creating a single large dining room where you can enjoy the view of the garden and the activities of the kitchen

Bedroom of a renovated apartment
Innovative recovery in Barcelona. Peace and tranquility in the heart of the city

The renovation of the apartment constitutes the research that the Miel Arquitectos studio and the P 10 studio have carried out on the contrasts of urban life in the 21st century, creating a cocoon of peace and tranquillity in the heart of Barcelona

Apartment of interior design
Apartment in Pisa. Renovation, Organization and Practicality through Total Grey

In Pisa, the LDA.iMdA studio is carrying out the renovation of the interiors of an apartment located inside a reinforced concrete building dating back to the Eighties with the aim of unifying the environment and giving life to a homogeneous and multifunctional space

apartment restyling
Renovation of an apartment in Bassano del Grappa. Restyling with a contemporary touch

Restoration of an apartment in the historic centre of Bassano del Grappa, in the Veneto region, by Paolo Didoné and Devvy Comacchio's dp Architetti studio. The building was bombed during the Second World War and then rebuilt