Example of interior architecture
Example of interior architecture


Interior architecture is the design of the spaces of a closed place and the objects of common use within it, be it a private home, a commercial establishment, a reception space, a work environment. A branch of architecture that focuses mainly on the interior spaces of a building, from the distribution aspects to the study of furnishings and finishes.

Interiors are a reflection of the living space and their design can have a profound effect on the ambiance of any home. From modern minimalist to classic traditional, there is something for everyone when it comes to designing the perfect interior. To achieve this, several elements such as color, texture, furniture, lighting, and flooring must be considered.

Color plays a vital role in interior design and can be used to create different moods within a space. For example, shades of blue evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, while more vibrant colors like yellow bring warmth and energy. Texture is another important element of interior design that helps create visual interest. Different materials such as wooden planks, stone tiles, metallic accents, fabrics and fabrics are available in various textures that bring charm and character to any room.

Furniture also plays an important role in interior design, as it adds comfort and style to any living space. They can range from minimalist pieces like sofas or armchairs to large items like beds or desks, all with unique shapes and sizes that help define the style of the room. Similarly, lighting fixtures come in different sizes and designs that help set the tone for any room, from warm and welcoming to sleek and contemporary lamps.

Finally, the floors complete any furnishing project, offering practicality and aesthetic appeal. Different types of flooring, such as hardwood planks or laminate panels, can give a classic feel, while slate tiles or marble slabs can add a touch of luxury to any room. Regardless of the type of flooring chosen, it must complement the overall look of the space while keeping functionality as a top priority.

The importance of an interior designer cannot be overstated when it comes to getting the perfect décor for any home. A skilled interior designer is able to bring together all the elements of a space to create the desired mood, from color and texture to furniture and flooring.


Inhabiting time between versatility and eclecticism. Architect Pierattelli's Florentine home
Inhabiting time between versatility and eclecticism. Architect Pierattelli's Florentine home

Architect Massimo Pierattelli's Florentine home, designed by himself, reflects not only a personal life story, passions, affections and memories, but also the chosen path of Pierattelli Architetture, a firm founded in 1980

Renovated apartment in Spain. The new layout takes advantage of the views of the place
Renovated apartment in Spain. The new layout takes advantage of the views of the place

In the residential area of El Sardinero, Spain, the renovation project of an apartment by Zooco Studio takes place in an exclusive neighborhood. In the layout, the outdated distribution gives way to a much brighter and open layout

Showroom and tailoring in Kiev. Simple shapes in a historical layout with a complex geometry
Showroom and tailoring in Kiev. Simple shapes in a historical layout with a complex geometry

Syndacate is a showroom and tailoring workshop located in Kiev, Ukraine, and designed by balbek bureau studio. Housed in an old building, consisting of irregular walls and confined spaces, it is skillfully designed

Vyta Santa Margherita in Florence. Luxury bakery inside Santa Maria Novella station
Vyta Santa Margherita in Florence. Luxury bakery inside Santa Maria Novella station

COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO designs a bakery inside a masterpiece of Italian rationalism, a former first class waiting room built in the '30s by the architect Giovanni Michelucci according to a concept of modern functionality.

Interior renovation in Brooklyn. Triple-height space at the center of living spaces
Interior renovation in Brooklyn. Triple-height space at the center of living spaces

Park Slope Townhouse is an interior renovation by Behin Ha Studio in an old three-story building, where a triple-height space generates an open, airy, modern interior in contrast to the historic shell

Apartment open plan kitchen and living room
Apartment in Milan. The interior combines historical quotes and technological precision

The apartment of interior designer Andrea Auletta is located in the residential area of Milan and underwent renovation work and has been provided with wide-ranging environments with new functions that replace the traditional areas

Apartment renovation
Renovation in the province of Valencia. Clay and wood are the protagonists of the restyling

In Puçol, a Spanish town in the province of Valencia, quique bayarri studio renovates a 110 square meters apartment, inspired by the surrounding clay roofs in terms of the choice of materials used, with tiles connecting the interior with the exterior

Terrace on Lisbon
Panoramic view of Lisbon. Interior design for an apartment by Alvaro Siza

The apartment which is the protagonist of the work, by rar.studio, is located in one of the buildings that make up Terraços de Bragança, the set of buildings designed by Alvaro Siza in the Chiado district of Lisbon

Interior of a bar
Pincho bar in the Dutch capital. Southern color palette juxtaposed with modern design

"La Cervecería", the Spanish-inspired bar designed by the Modijefsky Studio, is a cozy, friendly and vibrant space with traditional southern colors, where you can spend time with colleagues and friends after work

Shop windows Delvaux Paris
Boutique in the centre of Paris. An eclectic and luxurious style to express the history of the brand

The Milan-based studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners designed the new Maison Delvaux space, seeking chromatic and formal balances between luxury and material as well as emotion and decoration. The shop located in Rue Saint Honoré expresses the famous history of the brand in its design

kitchen island white glazed
Pastel color palette and panoramic views. Harmony and character for a design home in Kiev

Interior designer Olha Wood in her Ukraine designs the restyling of an apartment on the 28th floor of a residential tower, combining designer furnishings, contrasting materials and breathtaking views in a fluid and elegant space

loft offices loft glass wood brickwork
Loft in the center of Rotterdam. The old masonry is the backdrop for new material structures

Firm Architects gives life to an old warehouse in the center of Rotterdam whose main problem was to reopen old windows to give light to the loft. Inside, brick walls form the backdrop to new structural levels of wood, glass and metal

attic kitchen pantry bronze wood
Penthouse in Hong Kong. A pantry island as an expansion of the kitchen to divide the spaces

Inspired by the characteristics of Honk Kong's Boundary Street neighborhood, Bean Burostudio, creates a system of ornamental screens and an island whose elegance is made up of a palette of green marble, brass metal and wood

Internal temporary housing
Former hotel room transformed into temporary accommodation. Concept with straight and parallel lines

The apartment of just 30 square meters, designed by Atelier Aberto Arquitetura, is located in the historic center of Porto Alegre, Brazil, inside a hotel, which has decided to transform several hotel rooms into small temporary accommodation

Entrance to Subenshi restaurant
Restyling of a restaurant dining room. The atmosphere and comfort have been improved while preserving its identity

Architectural studio Ferreira Arquitetos works on the dining room space of the Subenshi restaurant located in Aveiro, Portugal, in which the atmosphere and comfort of the dining room already considered a space of excellence are improved

Sala RŎST in Milan, plates on the wall color marsala
RØST in Milan. An interior design that conveys tradition and authenticity

Covering 65 square metres, the restaurant is designed as a cosy place combining tradition and modernity, just like the cuisine on offer. The ambience is simple and straightforward and focuses on the guest's relationship with food, creating an environment that complements the gastronomic experience with discretion and sobriety

Counter of a coffee shop
Architectural project on a small, complex site. Mirrors and curved lines for larger spaces

Bureau Daniel Zamarbide studio addresses the design of a bar on a restricted site, which seems to be larger thanks to small design features such as colours, the use of curved lines, perspective or the use of mirrors

corrugated glazed building
Glass curves for the multifunctional building. Emotional design in the centre of Copenhagen

Designed by the internationally recognized architectural studio Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, based in New York, the project houses a restaurant, shops, restaurants and hotel rooms and is surmounted by a landscaped rooftop.

Covered market Hala Koszyki
Interiors for an indoor market in Warsaw. Rough walls contrast with elegant materials

The Polish studio Medusa Group was commissioned to design the interior of the "Hala Koszyki" indoor market and the offices above it in order to recreate the architectural style of the 19th century in a slightly different way by replacing elements of the past with simple materials such as concrete

Living room of a co-living room
Co-living in the centre of San Francisco. Innovative space stimulates creativity and productivity

The balbek bureau has designed an innovative space open to entrepreneurs, inventors, musicians and artists from all over the world in an old three-storey building to create connections with the city through the interior design and to promote creativity and productivity among the residents

Carner Barcelona Perfumery white stone walls and display
Carner Barcelona Perfumery. White and tradition to enhance brand values

The new corporate headquarters of Carner Barcelona, a local brand of exquisite, intense and innovative perfumes has been designed in thecity centre of Barcelona. A customised space with a unique atmosphere, in keeping with the essential principles of a brand that seeks authenticity and enables the customer to experience its values

Restaurant in a Spanish village
Restaurant in a small Spanish village. Simplicity of materials that are used in a clear and decisive way

Pan de Cuoco is a restaurant located in Suesa, a small village near the coast and the capital of Cantabria, an autonomous region in the north of Spain. The modern culinary offer combines with the rural environment in which the restaurant is located

Interior bar red
The red colour is the protagonist of a small bar. Interior without limits towards the outside

h3o architectural studio designs the interior of a small bar in Barcelona, the interior of which seems to be screaming outwards, with its intense red colours that do not allow the limits to be seen

gift shop wooden furniture museum
Concept Store for a Boutique in Montreal. Sustainability and evolution are the key words

ADHOC Architectes and designer MESSIER unveil the new Montreal Biodôme souvenir boutique. The interior design expresses the mission of "Espace pour la vie" by proposing furniture capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of the customer

Colorful interior shop
Playful design style. Curved lines and circles for the international brand Terranova

T-Island is a shop located in the centre of one of Pesaro's largest shopping centres, designed to celebrate Terranova's 30th anniversary: a space where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of shopping and experience the brand's relaxed spirit first-hand

Aesthetic clinic in Ginza with ICG slabs
Aesthetic clinic in Ginza. Sinuous traits, lights and organic nuances to regenerate and cultivate beauty

In Ginza, one of the most glamorous and exclusive districts in Japan, among the most elegant fashion boutiques, the most stylishly alluring restaurants and sushi bars, a clinic entirely dedicated to regenerative treatments and the recovery of an aesthetic form has been this year inaugurated. A peaceful oasis in the bustling, crowded streets. Projected by architects Daisuke Okuma and Eri Nagashima.

concept store restaurant furniture wood and metal
Strategy for a chain of restaurants. The characteristics are opposite but complementary

The challenge was to conceive a prototype concept as if the "Earls" chain had never opened a restaurant (or 66 to be exact). This is how the concept of "Project 67" was conceived, created by the Ste Studio. Marie and Glasfurd + Walker, to transcend the boundaries

Shop Flagship Store Heytea wall coverings golden aluminum
Flagship Store in China. Glass and materials define the space with geometric cuttings

Located in the Xiamen Island shopping mall, the project is a flagship store of Heytea, China's leading tea beverage brand. The project realized by the Moc Design Office Studio divides the functional space vertically

interior concept store white and gold
A Dessert Workshop in Shanghai. The chemical form of the hexagon outlines the space

The shapes of nature, hexagons and curves, behind which lies the subtle arrangement of molecules, are the starting point for this project designed by the Towodesign Studio, which has recently completed a "drinks and desserts" store.

Apartment with stone walls
Long and narrow plan. Re-allocation and optimization of the available spaces

Located on the top of five floors, the apartment of about 70 square metres was badly arranged and in poor condition. The Carles Enrich Studio renovates the interior spaces, giving life to concatenated and bright spaces, with a careful design