Example of interior architecture
Example of interior architecture


Interior architecture is the design of the spaces of a closed place and the objects of common use within it, be it a private home, a commercial establishment, a reception space, a work environment. A branch of architecture that focuses mainly on the interior spaces of a building, from the distribution aspects to the study of furnishings and finishes.

Interiors are a reflection of the living space and their design can have a profound effect on the ambiance of any home. From modern minimalist to classic traditional, there is something for everyone when it comes to designing the perfect interior. To achieve this, several elements such as color, texture, furniture, lighting, and flooring must be considered.

Color plays a vital role in interior design and can be used to create different moods within a space. For example, shades of blue evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, while more vibrant colors like yellow bring warmth and energy. Texture is another important element of interior design that helps create visual interest. Different materials such as wooden planks, stone tiles, metallic accents, fabrics and fabrics are available in various textures that bring charm and character to any room.

Furniture also plays an important role in interior design, as it adds comfort and style to any living space. They can range from minimalist pieces like sofas or armchairs to large items like beds or desks, all with unique shapes and sizes that help define the style of the room. Similarly, lighting fixtures come in different sizes and designs that help set the tone for any room, from warm and welcoming to sleek and contemporary lamps.

Finally, the floors complete any furnishing project, offering practicality and aesthetic appeal. Different types of flooring, such as hardwood planks or laminate panels, can give a classic feel, while slate tiles or marble slabs can add a touch of luxury to any room. Regardless of the type of flooring chosen, it must complement the overall look of the space while keeping functionality as a top priority.

The importance of an interior designer cannot be overstated when it comes to getting the perfect décor for any home. A skilled interior designer is able to bring together all the elements of a space to create the desired mood, from color and texture to furniture and flooring.


ibis wood color carpet bar
Hotel and social space in Paris. Furniture as micro-architectures between colour and geometry

The project concerns the renovation of the bar at the Ibis Styles Paris Bercy hotel, the result of collaborative work between the design department of the Accor group and the GGSV Studio, Gaëlle Gabillet Stéphane Villard, a space conceived as a microarchitecture.

restaurant facade cement garden
New design for a restaurant in São Paulo. Different use of spaces for renovation

São Paulo is home to one of the largest communities of Japanese immigrants and as a result, the country's cuisine has been fully integrated into the life of the city. The owner of Kosushi calls the studio Arthur Casas to give a new life to the restaurant. 

Apartment years '50 renovated
Apartment from the ' 50s in Girona. Overlooking beautiful views and rooms flooded with natural light

The Egue y Seta studio renovates an apartment that is extremely typical of the 50's style, in which the tiles were overflowing and the rooms were extremely small, crowded with classic Spanish furniture.

Historical apartment
Centenary apartment in Barcelona. Balance between old and new building languages

The TwoBo Arquitectura studio renovates an apartment with 120 years of history, preserving the original characteristic elements, such as mosaic floors and ceiling moldings and eliminating the numerous internal partitions of the original layout. 

Apartment with window
Apartment in a circular tower. Variety of colours and materials to define the spaces

Bean Buro is commissioned to design an apartment of 190sqm in a circular tower, whose layout adapts perfectly to the curved shape of the spaces, making the best use of the glass facade that opens onto the surrounding views.

Japanese restaurant milan leather chairs wooden table
Contemporary Japan in the heart of Milan. Not only a gastronomic experience

In Milan, in the heart of Porta Nuova, Maurizio Lai designs the new IYO Aalto, a restaurant where Japan creates an original interpretation between materials and light cuts. The references to Japanese tradition are subtle, leaving room for a contemporary design language.

Minimal interior dwelling
Recovery for a new residence in Barcelona. Wide and open spaces for living

In Barcelona, Architect Raul Sanchez renovates the premises of an office adapting them for residential use. Large, bright spaces to live in the house designed in an open form but enjoying a level of privacy thanks to the spatial geometric effect.

Restyling historical apartment
Restyling of an Apartment. Classic elegance blends with modern design

The interiors of an apartment located in Strasbourg, France, are revisited by the YCL studio, which decides to preserve the classic elements and rework them into a modern light, distinguishing new and classic style with different shades of colour.

Floral restaurant in China
Floral restaurant in China. The Design Influences the culinary experience

Designer Buyang Zheng, of the creative agency 0321Studio, designs the interiors of Nous, the first experimental floral restaurant in the city of Dongguan in China, resolving the relationship between flowers and food in a visual, functional and emotional way.

Historical buildings Antwerp
Apartments with the qualities of a house. Large living spaces in an old mansion

In Antwerp, a Belgian city, in an old and spacious mansion, three apartments are designed by PootArchitectuur studio, with the idea of providing each one with all the comforts and qualities of a home

Interior apartment
Reddish ceramics for the interior of an apartment. Continuity between the interior and exterior

CoDAarquitetos, Brazilian studio renovates a small apartment in a residential complex dating back to the '60s in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Brasilia, AsaNorte, a project characterized by the use of red ceramics

Renovated apartment
Apartment in Turin. Combining classic taste and contemporary furniture

The Architects of the Turin Architecture Studio Officina 8A renovate an apartment by proposing a contemporary furniture among recovered and renovated frescoes and stuccoes to the client

Conversion of a Victorian apartment
Conversion of a Victorian apartment. Small arrangements to achieve great quality

An apartment located in the elegant Stoke Newington, London, is being renovated to create a more open and bright space, thanks to the displacement of some dividing walls, improving its quality of life

Old redeveloped motel
Sydney restaurant. An old coastal motel redeveloped through Scandinavian modernism

An old motel on the Sydney coast has been reborn from its crumbling state through the project of the English studio Alexander & Co, where the protagonists are raw materials, modernist furniture and artworks, giving it a slightly nostalgic patina

Store in London between virtual reality and design
Store in London. Virtual reality, fashion and design for a multi-sensory installation

The London based YourStudio studio creates a store combining design and virtual reality, where the aim of the project is to offer a physical experience, rather than a consumption experience, among swimming pools, slides, noises and smells, emulating the sensation of being in a water park.

Interior design windows and vertical gardens
Interior design for the Hair Stylist in Taiwan. The vertical gardens mediate the boundaries between inside and outside

In the city of Taipei, designer Jacki Chen of Lo - Wen Studio creates the interior design for Piaoliang Hair Studio by maximizing the functional space available for the salon and organizing the elements like the pieces of a puzzle.

Wooden and brick lofts
Modern loft made of brick and wood. Small touches improve living comfort

York Loft is a modern living attic in wood and brick, designed by the American firm Todd Davis Architecture who are based and located in San Francisco, it is equipped with a number of design gimmicks that significantly improve the quality of living

Corporate headquarters in Munich. The attractive Design New Talents towards a "networked community"

Evolution Design has created the new headquarters for a German engineering company in Munich, Germany. The design plays a key role in helping the company attract new talent.

tapas bar colore e materia
Surrealism and colour for a Tapas bar. Ceramic, stonework and wooden design the space

The Stemarie Art Design Studio creates a design-oriented tapas. The graphics and colours of Spanish culture influenced the preliminary design, which is reflected in the choice of colours and the use of materials: ceramic, wood and stone are modulated geometrically defining the spaces.

Interior of a restaurant
Restaurant with a lively design. Interior in various shades of green

The balbek bureau studio designs the interior of a fast casual restaurant. The interior design appears lively, simple and elegant at the same time, practical and durable, characterized by green tones, the distinctive colour of the company

Bedroom of a renovated apartment
Innovative recovery in Barcelona. Peace and tranquility in the heart of the city

The renovation of the apartment constitutes the research that the Miel Arquitectos studio and the P 10 studio have carried out on the contrasts of urban life in the 21st century, creating a cocoon of peace and tranquillity in the heart of Barcelona

Flower shop with perforated brick walls
Scenic space for a Flower Shop. Perforated brick walls at the base of the furniture

The renovation project of the flower shop "Amapaola" of Fresneda& Zamora Arquitectura, through the use of exposed perforated bricks, gives a contemporary appearance and gives homogeneity to the space, allowing the greenery of the vegetation to stand out

So Natural from Milan with acoustic panels Celenit - Maja Group
So Natural of Milan. Sustainability and products at 0KM in a welcoming design location

Maja Group designs the So Natural of Milan, a welcoming place thanks to a great attention to acoustics and interior design. A sustainable restaurant, which promotes the exclusive use of fresh and seasonal products.

Shop with a white and pink interior
Space with a glamorous style. Pink and White as the dominant colours

In need of a physical space in which to sell their products, Glam Seamless, a well-established online company, decided to rely on the Sergio Mannino studio to create its own salon in the heart of Soho, characterized by white and pink colours

bar ibiza beach terrace
Bar with a Mediterranean spirit in Ibiza. The design transforms the colour of the Spanish tradition

The TORÖ Bar in Ibiza is the latest project by Masquespacio, commissioned by the Servitur Group, tourism management consultant behind the Typic Hotels hotel chain. The project concept uses colour to develop a place of hospitality with a Mediterranean spirit

Bright apartment
Traditional Brazilian plan is refurbished. The apartment becomes spacious and bright

The renovation of an apartment in a neighbourhood of Brasilia by CoDA arquitetos saw an update of a traditional plan, which limited the entry of natural light and created a poor arrangement of interior spaces

Inside restaurant counter
Eclectic style for a London restaurant. Re-enactment of the 1950s Milanese dairies

The Milanese architecture studio Vudalfieri-Saverino Partners has created a new restaurant in a district of London that evokes the atmosphere and charm of the Milanese dairies of the 1950s in an eclectic style

Renovated shop in Arezzo, warm interiors
Shop in Arezzo. The past and present in equilibrium thanks to Matter

Architect Massimo Zanelli renovates a commercial space in Monte San Savino in the province of Arezzo, in Tuscany. The project takes place in the external walls of the medieval city and is focused on the materiality of the elements

Extension of the pompidou center to metz
Restaurant in Metz. Glass monolith for the expansion of the terrace above the Pompidou centre

The Pompidou Metz centre, designed by Shigeru Ban, quickly became an icon, the challenge for the Studiolada was to create an area of 100 square metres while preserving architectural integrity and intervening in a concise and elegant manner

Apartment of interior design
Apartment in Pisa. Renovation, Organization and Practicality through Total Grey

In Pisa, the LDA.iMdA studio is carrying out the renovation of the interiors of an apartment located inside a reinforced concrete building dating back to the Eighties with the aim of unifying the environment and giving life to a homogeneous and multifunctional space