Example of interior architecture
Example of interior architecture


Interior architecture is the design of the spaces of a closed place and the objects of common use within it, be it a private home, a commercial establishment, a reception space, a work environment. A branch of architecture that focuses mainly on the interior spaces of a building, from the distribution aspects to the study of furnishings and finishes.

Interiors are a reflection of the living space and their design can have a profound effect on the ambiance of any home. From modern minimalist to classic traditional, there is something for everyone when it comes to designing the perfect interior. To achieve this, several elements such as color, texture, furniture, lighting, and flooring must be considered.

Color plays a vital role in interior design and can be used to create different moods within a space. For example, shades of blue evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, while more vibrant colors like yellow bring warmth and energy. Texture is another important element of interior design that helps create visual interest. Different materials such as wooden planks, stone tiles, metallic accents, fabrics and fabrics are available in various textures that bring charm and character to any room.

Furniture also plays an important role in interior design, as it adds comfort and style to any living space. They can range from minimalist pieces like sofas or armchairs to large items like beds or desks, all with unique shapes and sizes that help define the style of the room. Similarly, lighting fixtures come in different sizes and designs that help set the tone for any room, from warm and welcoming to sleek and contemporary lamps.

Finally, the floors complete any furnishing project, offering practicality and aesthetic appeal. Different types of flooring, such as hardwood planks or laminate panels, can give a classic feel, while slate tiles or marble slabs can add a touch of luxury to any room. Regardless of the type of flooring chosen, it must complement the overall look of the space while keeping functionality as a top priority.

The importance of an interior designer cannot be overstated when it comes to getting the perfect décor for any home. A skilled interior designer is able to bring together all the elements of a space to create the desired mood, from color and texture to furniture and flooring.


white staircase body and wood
Brick house from multi-family to single-family house. Enclosure intact, interior redesigned

The Chicago-based architecture studio Vladimir Radutny Architects is responsible for renovating a multi-family home in precarious conditions, redesigning the interior and leaving the outer shell intact, with the exception of a few openings.

Apartamento de espacio abierto en Lisboa
Natural light for an apartment in Lisbon. Linear sequence to free up space

Two apartments merge to offer new scenarios and new ways of living. The Camarin studio re-elaborates the spaces starting from the study of light and how it liberates itself in the environments in sequence, by widening windows and opening skylights

Piadineria color and wood
Piadineria that focuses on Design in France. Colour and fabrics as a representation of Italy

Studio Masquespaio designs a piadineria in Lyon, based on the desire of its owners, who are Italians but grew up in France and want to export this traditional recipe to the contemporary world, through a modern brand

gallery garden veranda on the patio
Garden gallery in Barcelona. The space opens onto the courtyard and creates light effects

Ylab studio inaugurates the apartment during Barcelona Design Week 2018. It is a renovation in the old Gracia district of Barcelona, where the focus of the project was to restore light to the spaces by creating a gallery overlooking the courtyard

open space renovated
Elegant and refined restyling. Apartment designed to the smallest detail

The AB House, dating back to the 70s, thanks to the restyling project of the architecture and design studio M12 AD acquires a contemporary look through the redefinition of the composition of interior spaces and the use of different materials

The Market Hall with its large arch
A sustainable Market Hall in Rotterdam. Architecture combining food, leisure and life

The Market Hall, designed by Studio MVRDV is located in the centre of Rotterdam, a space that has become a synergistic centre for the city. During the day it is a market hall and in the evening an indoor public meeting place, all encircled by an "arch"

Glass staircase with python inserts
Glass and snakeskin staircase in New York. The new Cavalli Flagship is covered in "glass"

The new Cavalli store in Brooklin has been opened with its animal prints and fabrics, the glass staircase is the main connecting element, but thanks to the transparency of the glass, it integrates perfectly with the surroundings

stone counter bar counter
Renovated restaurant in Palermo. Finishes and materials amplify the brightness

DiDeA Studio renovates the new Bistrot Cento61 in Palermo, an old restaurant located in a historic building of the early '900, fulfilling the client's desire to create a special place with a light and informal atmosphere

The open space space separated from the glass wall
Renovation of a former industrial building in Spain. From old warehouses to apartment

Egue Y Seta Architectural and Design Studio renovates an apartment in Barcelona, reorganizing the interior spaces of the former Poble Nou warehouses which are now habitable

playground shopping center
Colours and curves for a park in Hangzhou city. A perfect synthesis of design and functionality

The design of Studio X+Living integrates all parts of the shopping center and redefines the functions of the entire area of the first floor, thus creating a single space, in which the various areas intersect with colours and curves

Renovated medieval house
Restoration of an Apartment in Hungary. Classical elegance for the medieval Guest House

In Kőszeg, Hungary, the architect Béres carries out a major renovation of an apartment inside an old building after most of its values have been damaged or hidden during the last reconstruction work

Apartment in the heart of Barcelona
Renovation of a house in Barcelona. A diagonal spaces give originality to the project

The Miel Arquitectos studio dismantles the structure of the existing walls and creates new physical and visual connections in the historic apartment in the heart of Barcelona, reinterpreting the spatial structure.

restaurant design custom slabs wall tiles
Restaurant in Barcelona. Original design for the Organic Space

RCR Arquitectes and Architect P. Llimona designed an organic space full of curves and narrow corridors for the Spanish restaurant. The key to ensuring the uniformity of the watercolor design was absolute precision.