Lungomare Nazario Sauro, 13, 70121 Bari, BA, Italia

Born in Bari, Annalisa Macina studied at the IUAV University of Venice and the ETSAM University of Madrid, graduating with honors with Juan Navarro Baldeweg and Luciano Semerani.

For almost thirty years she has been involved in residential construction both in the field of new construction and in the recovery and refurbishment of historic buildings, taking care of interior design, furniture and design customized for each individual intervention.

Her concept of architecture is expressed in simple and thoughtful forms that interact with existing conditions, whether natural or built. Her continuous research on space and light gives shape to intimate and complex environments, defined by the peculiarity of the materials used and their interactions.

In addition to architectural design, she works alongside design and artistic craftsmanship. Through her productions, characterized by strong accents of identity and uniqueness, she experiments on a smaller scale, personal design research on materials, space and light, convinced that architecture is a global discipline.

She carries out her professional activity both individually and in interdisciplinary design groups, collaborating on projects of various kinds, in a mutual exchange of individual experiences and fully responding to the needs of the client.

The architecture, art and design studio is based in Bari.