Studio AVT Architects

Studio AVT Architects

“An-V-Thot” is a hybrid of two words Anvit (Sanskrit) & thought (English). “Anvit” means followed by so, it’s actually a studio followed by a thought.

With numerous awards and international recognition across leading media platforms, Delhi-based Studio AVT is the face of an immense passion-driven team of young designers tethered & focussed towards the craft of making lives more LIVEABLE through their designs.


Our sole purpose is to weave timeless designs with a futuristic hands-on approach thus developing/crafting an environment for stories to be born and remain, where true laughter &tears are captured and felt with a sense of belonging, only to resonate through time. We intend to amalgamate artistic intuition with functionality, sculpting spaces that BREATHE. The studio’s core effort to convert a thought into reality has consistently motivated them in pursuit of excellence. With our current portfolio of works expanding through the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Maharashtra we desire to create a measurable impact across the nation through our projects.


Studio An-V-Thot, a Design Consultancy Firm with a passionate approach to nurture new paradigms of Architectural & Interior Designs, started in 2011 as a 2 person practice working out of a garage. Through the decade, the Studio has evolved as a Contemporary Design Practice with numerous Projects of diverse nature, scale & sizes in its strong portfolio of works. Here’s a ride along the adventurous journey of AVTians, with milestones that gave an extra breath to cover an extra mile.