Example of architecture
Example of architecture

Architectural projects

Since ancient times, architecture has occupied an extremely important position in human society. The architectural discipline was born to find practical solutions to the primary problems of the humans and of their communal life: the need to have shelter for themselves and for their loved ones; the need for a place to store tools, provisions, precious objects; that of organizing spaces, life and the defense of the community.

Starting from these fundamental needs, architecture evolved to deal also with what transcends the mere concrete aspect of an individual human life: the representation of power and its prestige, the cult of the divine, the intellectual life of a society. In this way, architecture has become an integral part of the artistic and cultural expression of a given civilization or era.

Architectural design is a process that is as logical as it is artistic. Firstly, it must be able to identify forms, materials and processes suitable for the creation of functional spaces in which man can carry out specific activities such as living, working, relaxing, taking care of himself (etc.). It is a wide-ranging scientific process: not only must it consider technical issues such as the choice of the right materials and compliance with current regulations, but it must also take into consideration the needs of human beings, which vary enormously according to the age of the people, their number and intended use.

Secondly - but no less important - an architectural project always has artistic connotations. The choice of colours, materials and shapes has a significant impact on people's perception of spaces and influences their attitudes and behavior in a cascading effect. Even the most functional building contributes - by the simple fact of existing - to determining the character of the space in which it stands and the behavior of the people who are inside and near it.

An architectural project naturally varies according to the different intended uses and the taste and ideas of the client. A business or a production site will tend to be built with the concept of functionality as its core. The head office of an institution or a large company will combine functional needs with representative and cultural ones. Residential architecture, on the other hand, will try to balance the need to accommodate a certain number of people in a given space in the most pleasant and comfortable way. While a HoReCa project will try to combine a functional aspect with a pleasant look to attract customers. And so on.

Wooden villa
Wooden Villa on the island of Formentera. Between Bioclimatic and Natural Materials

On a plot of land close to Migjorn beach, on the south coast of the island of Formentera, architect Marià Castelló Martínez has built a villa by the sea that focuses on the duality of bioclimatic systems and natural materials to protect the environment

Limonaia en el lago de Garda
Lemon orchard on Lake Garda. Innovation and tradition, combining restoration and materials

Close to the 46th parallel, in the perfect climate of Lake Garda, seven centuries ago the Franciscan friars introduced the first citrus fruits, hence the giant greenhouses, characterized by high stone pillars and wooden planks have carved this landscape

Contemporary residence in the forest
Dwelling in the Forest of Norway. Contemporary style inspired by the Site and Tradition

Atelier Oslo architects design a house in the Krokskogen forest, near the town of Hønefoss in Norway. Its location on a steep slope offers a fantastic view of Lake Steinsfjorden

Wooden residence
Residential Architecture made of Wood. Designed in Japan to withstand harsh winters

Architect Sasaki works in Japan and many of his works are carried out in Hokkaido, a city known for its cold winters. The environment has a great impact on his architecture and he distinguishes it with "anti-freeze" systems

Restoration of a theater
Renovation of the Theatre. In Veneto along with the Auditorium and School of Music

The renovation project of the Theatre of Tolmezzo, in the Province of Udine, by the Schiavi Camporini Architects aims to separate the existing Auditorium from the adjacent spaces of the music school

Stately apartment with arches in the interior
Elegant apartment in Turin. Unique space combining ancient and modern

Officina 8A Studio, a studio of Associate Architects, renovates an elegant apartment in Turin, rediscovering the essential elements that become the strong point of the recovery project

Microstructure for bees
Rural microstructure in the province of Belluno. The Wooden House of the Bees

Architect Massimiliano Dell'Olivo built a microstructure in Canale d'Agordo, in the province of Belluno, Veneto, having always observed an urbanistic teaching in the community life of bees with the motto "union makes strength"

Extension of a historic house
A building from the late 17th century in the Po Valley. Expansion and Renovation of the Main House

The complete renovation of a main house in Parma, Emilia Romagna, was carried out by the Cortesiarchitetti Studio. The villa, dating back to the late seventeenth century, has been incorporated into a new building, used as a garage and caretaker's house

Wooden refuge in nature
Wooden building in the Netherlands. Hidden shelter in the park

Located in Utrecht, in the Noorderpark Park in the Netherlands, the building, designed and built by cc-studio, offers a warm and airy shelter for volunteers who carry out routine maintenance of the park when wet and tired

Wooden staircase in an internal courtyard in Milan
Endless staircase in Milan. Extraordinary structure made of hardwood

The intriguing structure inspired by Escher's drawings was designed by de Rijke Marsch Morgan Architects (dRMM). The staircase is made up of a series of interconnected ramps made of solid wood panels with crossed layers

villa with stone swimming pool
Renovation of the Villa in Chieti. The transformation that is carried out using stone, brick and wood

Architect Rocco Valentini renovates a residential villa in Chieti, Abruzzo, renovating a house from the early twentieth century and using the typical elements of local architecture

library glass balustrade parquet
Recovery of a medieval building in the Marche region. Evolution with respect to tradition

The structure, a building of medieval origin located in Montelupone in the Marches, which has been subject to various changes in use over time, is the focus of renovation work by the architect Andrea Stortoni, in collaboration with the architect Michela Kumka

Metal kitchen overlooking Sydney Harbor
Nineteenth century residence at the port of Sydney. Recovering history on the Waterfront

The ingenuity of the design and respect for its original structure, the Gothic Revival, provide the Australian studio AJ+C with a residence of 1870 degraded on the port of Sydney in the 21st century to be completely renovated

Wooden tower in Nigeria
Wooden Tower in Nigeria. Project of forty thousand square meters all in Wood

HKA - Hermann Kamte & Associates, the architecture studio, unveils the first wooden skyscraper in Africa. The Wooden Tower of Lagos, a city in Nigeria is among the winners of the inaugural WAFX Award

Lake in Trentino
Park in Trentino. Integration element between architecture and Natural context

In the municipality of Monclassico, the ZanellaArchitettura Studio in collaboration with architects Paola Wegher and Anja Werner create a simple and compact rectangular structure used as a bar and services and spread over two floors with a bathtub.

Renovation of a historic building
Residential renovation in Montreal.Color contrasts for minimal furniture

Canadian architect David Dworkind renovates a 1940s building in Montreal, creating new openings and flexible spaces with a special focus on the needs of clients who are particularly interested in indoor wellness

wooden and glass structure
Wooden Residence in Moscow. The Structure is inspired by Nature

Architects Alexander Ryabskiy and Ksenia Kharitonova's FAS(t) studio in Russia's Moscow Region have designed a building with a wooden structure. The uniform rhythm of the wooden supports characterizes the façade, inspired by the trees of the forest

wooden glass restaurant
The Architecture is inspired by the Art of the Origami. Wooden kiosk in Luxembourg

A folded sheet of paper that meets the needs of the project, while creating a relationship with the old and opening up to the surrounding nature: this is the concept of Metaform Architetti's project for the kiosk/restaurant in Bridel, Luxembourg

Stone cladding for a luxury villa
Modernist Villa in Holland. Large openings and stone cladding for a Luxury Design

The Dutch studio Grosfeld van der Velde Architects has designed this building based on their belief in the great value of architecture, both in the theme of sustainability and theme of aesthetics, in order to respect and raise awareness in the environment

Historic building in Lecce restored
Restoration of historic building in Lecce. Glass panels lighten the elevations

The structure of the famous historical building "Il Sedile" built in Lecce in 1592 on the instructions of the then Venetian mayor Pietro Mocenigo, is the subject of an operation of lightening thanks to the replacement of framed windows

Stone and wood for a renovation in Austria
Stone and Wood for renovation in Austria. The old barn houses the new offices of the Brewery

An old barn, long used as a warehouse, is revived thanks to the major renovation project by Skape Architects studio which restores the building to house the new offices of the Carinthian Hirt brewery

illuminated medical center
Medical Centre in Ascoli. Glass openings for a futuristic experience, between suspended facades, LEDs and natural light

The new Multispecialist medical centre " Health and Wellness Forum" is built in Porto d'Ascoli, a modern architecture, where the theme of light becomes central to a new concept of hospitality, especially thanks to the use of modern technologies

Full and empty for a villa in Udine
Detached villa in Udine. Light and Stone used for the building immersed in the Countryside

A Detached Villa designed by Architect Antonio Guarneri, who chooses to work with stone and water, to reflect the space and blend in with the natural surroundings, almost as if to represent a ship immersed in a sea of cultivated fields

Wooden and glass shelter
Refuge in Trentino. Glazed facades to blend in with the landscape

Glass, wood, stone and metal are the components of this refuge at the Tonale Pass. A complete integration with its natural surroundings, thanks to the transparency and reflection of glass

Luxury resort on the Alps
Luxury resort in the Kitzbühel Alps. Intimate atmospheres between Stone and Wood

The Kaiserlodge in Sheffau, on the Kitzbühel Alps is the project by architect Marco Holzer, who reinvents the traditional elements of a mountain hotel, revolutionizing the concept of a luxury holiday and opening it up to a freer and more flexible culture

Enlargement of the museum
Expansion of the Pecci Museum in Prato. Natural light and a return to the future

The Dutch architect Maurice Nio designs the expansion of the Pecci Museum, "embracing" the original work. The Polo Bernardo D'Ippolito Light Designer makes Nio's vision concrete by filtering natural light from above

SPA center between European tridition and Asian culture
Design in the Leoben SPA Centre. Architecture combining traditional European motifs with Asian culture

The Asia SPA Leoben centre was designed by Architect Marcus Schulz, who transformed the partnership between his two twin cities, Leoben in Austria and Xuzhou in China into an architectural language

golden organic scale
A " customized " staircase. Organic design combining Gold and Transparency

Made in Italy luxury staircase for the Golden Staircase in 'Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower in Panama. Architect Carlos A. Ott designs the hotel and chooses Faraone for the construction of the staircase, which is a refined and original design object

Recovery and enhancement of a luxury resort
Restoration and enhancement of the Luxury Resort. Stone and wood in the Swiss Alps

In the heart of one of the oldest Walser colonies in the Valais, the meticulous design by architect Iwan Kiechler has resulted in a renovation that sets new standards in quality, finish and design of the luxury resort

Interior Roman villa renovated by Archside
Renovation of a Roman villa. Stained glass, stone and wood in order to "live in the open air"

In a residential area of Rome, the single-family villa, which is the protagonist of the renovation is surrounded by nature. The stone, wood and large windows contribute to create an environment that becomes one with the external landscape