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An urban architecture project is the connection point between the urban scale and the architectural scale. The urban project has as its objective the improvement of urban quality, followed by the improvement of the life of those who live in the place. The designer works on the connecting spaces between the architecture and the public urban space in which city life takes place.

campus brick building metal window view
Campus in the Victorian neighbourhood of Manchester. Bricks on the facade as pixels

Mecanooarchitecten designs Kampus, a new neighborhood located on the former campus of Manchester Metropolitan University. The building is developed using the qualities of the existing building structures but changing the way they are built

Textures and colours to relax at the LAVA Dental Clinic in Riga: a contemporary dental clinic
Textures and colours to relax at the LAVA Dental Clinic in Riga: a contemporary dental clinic

The benefit of a contemporary dental clinic with a carefully designed interior? The clinical experience at LAVA Dental is made more relaxing and...enjoyable

alley and facades of the houses painted with graphics
Reformulating society through beauty. Cultural park in the heart of Sicily

Farm Cultural Park is an independent cultural centre created about nine years ago from the idea of two private individuals, Andrea Bartoli and his wife FlorindaSaieva, who choose not to leave their land and not to delegate the opportunity to do something beautiful to others.

serpentine pavilion londra transparent design
Transparent pavilion in London. Materials, shadows and lightness design the movement

Selgascano designs a pavilion entirely made of plexiglass in London, in which the rigid structure winds over the green park of Royal Park and its movement is designed by the light that filters and the shadows that are cast. Architecture is viewed as an experience 

The Momentary. A cultural space that blends contemporary art into everyday life
The Momentary. A cultural space that blends contemporary art into everyday life

The Momentary is a unique contemporary art experience creatively recreated from a 70-year-old decommissioned Kraft Foods plant in Bentonville, Arkansas. A museum that turns what is expected of a traditional art museum upside down, it houses an exhibition space, concerts, theatre, cinema and studio spaces that support an artist-in-residency programme

Corten steel and glass viewing platform. Breathtaking views of the mountain to breathe freedom
Corten steel and glass viewing platform. Breathtaking views of the mountain to breathe freedom

 Where a drop of water begins its long journey to the sea, a new platform has been built on the Schnalstal glacier.  In order to narrate the fascinating history of this place, noa* studio has come up with an extraordinary design: a viewing platform made of corten steel that incorporates the existing summit cross and offers visitors a new mountain experience

Iconic maritime centre in Rotterdam. Organic building contrasts with the port's industrial design
Iconic maritime centre in Rotterdam. Organic building contrasts with the port's industrial design

Mecanoo architecten designs the iconic Maritime Centre Rotterdam, a place for maritime entrepreneurs, science and culture, shaped like an elegant ribbon wrapping around several pavilions and structuring the shape of the building

Multi-use building in Seattle. Design like a sliding tile puzzle
Multi-use building in Seattle. Design like a sliding tile puzzle

"The Klotski" is a three-story multi-use building located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood and designed by Graham Baba Architects. The design is inspired by a sliding tile puzzle known as a "klorski" and reflects the idea of shuffling uses and floors

Cultural Center in Mexico
Continuous domes and vaults for a cultural center. Reminiscent of historic architecture in Oaxaca

The Fr-EE studio in the Mexican capital of Oaxaca designs a cultural center in which domes and continuous vaults are used to commemorate a place of meeting and recreation, as well as to enhance the cultural identity of the State

india high school
High school in India. Trapezoidal volumes design the architecture between contrasting lights and shadows

Sanjay Puri Architects interpreted the organic character of Indian villages to create the design of the school in Rajasthan. Taking into consideration the desert climate of its location each of the classrooms is oriented to the north to get indirect sunlight

Madrid’s sports hall
Madrid’s sports hall. A space of great light and breadth

The sports hall at Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) in Pozuelo, Madrid is a big, diaphanous, brightly lit space with plenty of breadth. This sober project is architecturally in harmony with the buildings around it. That is much more than a place for practicing sports designed, developed and built to give the university a new multi-purpose facility.

art center concrete blocks structure
Art centre in China. Spiritual activities and environment combine in a geometrical architecture

The project was conceived when the developer Aranya asked Neri&hu to design an art centre in a "seaside community", a place where strong spirituality emerges from a lifestyle in contact with the environment, hence the idea of creating open spaces and places for socialising

Court Cultural Center Cement
Cultural centre in China. Balance between the primary force of nature and modern construction

Zhu Pei Studio designed the Shou County Culture and Art Centre by studying the cultural roots of Shou County and observing the old buildings and discovering how the ancestors sought a balance between the primary force of nature and the active construction without modern technologies

Installation in Venice
Installation as a manifesto-project. Architecture in harmony with the specificity of place and the autonomy of its shape

The installation by Barozzi Veiga studio expresses the contrast between monument and perception: the search for a specific, autonomous and monumental architecture that aspires to belong to a place and to be part of it

installation China fashion prism light
Sculptural installation in China. A crystalline prism inspires the fashion house's contemporary flair

OPENSYSTEMS embarks on its first project in China in collaboration with NN, a fashion retailer located in Xintiandi Style, Shanghai, by designing Dice, a sculptural installation that signals the brand's entry into the market. The work resembles the shape of a primitive crystalline structure

Temporary Summer Pavillon in Bratislava seen from across the street
Temporary Summer Pavilion in Bratislava. A thin structure creates an experiential space

A slender structure, a monumental white skeleton encloses a green space with grass and trees that was created by the Gallery's desire to provide its visitors with a space in which they can experience the outdoors in the summer season

museum china neighborhood art facade
Art Town in Shenzhen. A collection of artistic spaces as a network of public places

Rocco Design Architects designed the new Art & Design Museum, located in the heart of the art town of Shapu, Shenzhen. The space is designed as a cultural centre and landmark. The Museum houses Art Town, a group of art spaces, galleries, art schools and exhibition areas

university of denmark glass facade
School building for the Faroe Islands. Architecture like a vortex around a central patio

Big Studio creates a new building concept that develops on three levels, like a vortex around a central patio. It groups three different faculties while creating the ideal conditions for collaboration and interchange

Indoor sports center
Professional sports centre. The uncluttered interior urges you to focus on your training

The Cell sports centre is more than a gym for occasional training; it is a real professional personal training centre with nutritional and technical consultancy, designed by Arii Irie Architects studio in Tokyo, Japan

school expansion sports center
Sports centre integrated into the school building. A steel structure supports the new building

MAYU Architects has expanded a school centre in Taiwan where the new sports facilities, gym and swimming pool have been designed as an integral part of the previous structure, working on various levels of elevation in order to aesthetically renovate the existing building

open space metal library
Public space for cultural activities in China. Bookshops develop as paths and courtyards

In Fuzhou people used to meet under the trees to discuss, making the culture of the village rise together with nature. Waterfrom Design, project manager of Fuzhou Vanke Golden Field of International Reception Center takes this cue as the main conceptual axis

Musical Installation Bridge Forest Aluminum Tubes
Bridge as interactive tool. Anodized aluminium tubes moving in the wind

Mark Nixon of London-based studio Neon has transformed a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, into a musical instrument by hanging metal tubes at the bottom. The musical bridge creates a surreal scenery accompanied by the sound that blends with the sounds of the forest

interior with wooden walls of the bamboo building
Multipurpose building in Vietnam. Construction made of Soil and Bamboo within the congested urban areas

Bamboo & Earth, is a project started by H & P Architects in 2013 consisting of a series of buildings to create "welcoming spaces in congested urban areas". BE Friendly Space is an open space for the community that links aspects of culture and art

In India a forest in commemoration. Architecture and nature symbol of the rebirth

In Gujarat, the Sanghat Studio designs a park based on trees, the need to give them water, to guarantee an ecosystem. The cisterns thus become Architecture, a monument and a place of pilgrimage for the victims of the 2011 earthquake

Pavilion for temporary installation of tubes Flexi Duct Pump House
Tubes like arches for a pavilion in London. Union between engineering, art and education

Pump House Pavillon was created by the Neon Studio in collaboration with the students of Chestnut Grove. The aim was to demonstrate how art and design can find connections with science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Latin American Art Museum Miami Project Terraces
A Museum for Latin American Art in Miami. Social meeting point through Architecture

In the Architectural Exhibition of Miami, characterized by the presence of a large Latin American community, the desire was expressed to create a museum dedicated to the art of this people, a project carried out by the Fr-ee Studio, which will be located in a new urban complex.

pavilion kinetic wood
Kinetic architecture in Finland. A pavilion for a relationship between man and nature

Shiver House, designed by the Neon Studio is a radical reinvention of the common Finnish refuge. The project is an "animal" kinetic structure that moves and adapts in response to the surrounding natural forces, creating a link between inhabitants and the natural world

Coating in colored tiles
Architecture and social role. A town hall that represents the unified identity

The artist Adam Nathaniel Furman, through this conceptual work, portrays an ideal town hall in which each element is articulated as a distinct architectural expression creating a tension between the whole and its parts, expressing the interaction in democracy between the need for consensus and shared values.

library various levels spherical auditorium cultural center
Cultural District for the City of Tianjin in China. Waterfall Bookstores and Social Space

The MVRDV Studio collaborates with Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute to create the Tianjin Binhai Library as part of a masterplan. A cultural district for the city, whose project concerns a spherical auditorium, where the library merges with the social space.

Shanghai event stage
Stage for the creative district of Shanghai. A colourful combination of geometry and materiality

For the first time the Atelier Yok Yok Studio has created a temporary pavilion in Shanghai, in the artistic district of Changning. A stage like a cobalt muffin destined to host concerts and open-air events.

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