housing design

Housing Design

Housing design is the field of architecture whose purpose is the study and construction of spaces - houses - in which people can live. As such, home design as a discipline must be concerned with a wide range of factors, many of which only apparently do not relate to architecture.

  • Internal space: how people generally experience it; what needs and aspirations its inhabitants have; how the human need for privacy and security should be addressed when building;
  • Outer space: what is the surrounding environment - a forest, a city, a windswept tundra, a megalopolis; what is its use by the community; how the project should dialogue with its surroundings - inserting itself into the existing landscape or challenging established paradigms.

Here you will find new stories and projects from all over the world that address these issues in many different ways: home renovations that observe long-standing traditions, housing projects that challenge existing paradigms, vernacular architecture, modularity, eco and minimal. All this is housing design.

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Apartment design

The apartment is certainly one of the most popular types of homes in the world today. By apartment we mean a set of differently sized and equipped environmental units, united in order to constitute an independent dwelling with respect to the others contained in the same building. The task of housing design is to ensure that everyone is liveable and customizable.

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Design penthouses

An attic is an apartment located on the top floor of a building. Penthouses are generally considered luxury properties and can be extremely expensive, also because they occupy an entire floor: housing design in this case is careful design and choice of high-end finishes.

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Loft and open space

A young and fresh type of home, very popular in recent years. The loft is a living space obtained from a former industrial complex, while the open space is "simply" an open space located in a traditional home. In the macro-field of housing design, the two types sometimes get confused because very often the loft is organized as an open space due to its construction characteristics.

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The villa of today, in modern construction, is a single-family house, of a certain luxury, accompanied by a more or less extensive garden. The villa gives the designer ample design space as it is a building in its own right, creative freedom is at its maximum and a complete project touches different branches of architecture outside of housing design in the strict sense.

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Social Housing Design

Social housing design is a response to the contemporary housing issue that combines sustainability, sociability and sharing, in order to offer housing solutions to a segment of the population that is unable to fit into the current real estate market. A great challenge for the architect at the design level.