interior architecture

Interior architecture

Interior architecture is the design of the spaces of a closed place and the objects of common use within it, be it a private home, a commercial establishment, a reception space, a work environment. A branch of architecture that focuses mainly on the interior spaces of a building, from the distribution aspects to the study of furnishings and finishes.

The matter has evolved over the years, it no longer deals only with decoration, space beautification, but the competence of the interior designer architect must range in many fields, technological, artistic and technical to offer the client beautiful environments. , comfortable and representative of his personality.

In this sense, interior architecture and interior design meet in the person of the interior designer, a creative figure who has the mission of combining the functionality and living comfort of interior spaces with aesthetic, artistic and innovative taste. of the people who live there.

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Interior architecture and renovation

Interior design is a specific branch of architectural design that is widely used in the renovation of apartments, showrooms, accommodation facilities and offices. Redesign the space on the basis of new housing and / or aesthetic needs to make it more functional, personal and welcoming.

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Color, interior architecture and design

In architecture and interior design, color is a fundamental element in the design of a space in order to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the users of the space itself. Color serves to define the mood of a project, creates atmosphere and must be skilfully mixed with those present in the environment to create dynamic spaces that are never "flat".

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Materials, finishes and coatings

Materials and finishes are central elements in the architectural interior design phase, capable of generating new sensory contexts and expressive languages. In fact, at the basis of the choice of building materials there is the need to ensure comfort and psycho-physical well-being of those who live in the spaces.

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Living in the house

The interior architecture finds its maximum expression in the design of the house. The home is the space most experienced by human beings ever, it is the one you choose that must represent us in every detail, making us feel at home and in maximum comfort.