Renovation projects are those aimed at transforming buildings through a systematic set of works that can lead to a building organization that is totally or partially different from the previous one. These interventions include the restoration or replacement of some constituent elements of the building, the elimination, modification and insertion of new elements and systems.

The renovation projects must be distinguished from those of ordinary maintenance which are those building interventions necessary for the repair of the finishes and existing materials of a building and from extraordinary maintenance works which are those works necessary for the replacement and / or renewal of parts structural of the building.

Finally, there are the architectural restoration projects which are those interventions aimed at the recovery, conservation and enhancement of buildings with a particular historical, architectural and environmental value and for these works materials and technologies other than those used for the construction of the 'building, provided they are not in contrast with the overall character of the latter.

By conservative renovation, we mean those works aimed at the hygienic, functional and static recovery of the building and can also be carried out on the structures and on the floor plan of the building.

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