landscape architecture

Outdoor and landscape architecture

In this section of Arkitectureonweb you will find a selection of projects from all over the world concerning landscape architecture. This branch of architecture deals with the planning, design and management of open spaces and the landscape, at different scales of intervention.

What is the Landscape? According to the definition of the European Convention, the Landscape indicates a certain part of the territory, as perceived by the populations, whose character derives from the action of natural and / or human factors and their interrelations. The landscape architect is the one who plans and designs urban and rural landscapes in space and time, based on the natural characteristics and historical and cultural values of the area.

This practice combines site planning, architecture, art and environmental restoration to help connect an area to surrounding buildings and make the landscape attractive in itself. The goal of landscape architecture is to create pleasant, functional and beautiful spaces that meet the needs of their owners or the public.

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Gardens and parks

The private gardens constitute an extension of the internal spaces of the building. Plants and vegetation have a positive influence on people's wellbeing, the environment, air quality, humidity, temperature, but also on people's well-being. A garden can have different purposes, it can only be decorative or vice versa a space dedicated to free time, play and relaxation. Designing a garden is, in its own way, a form of landscape architecture in a small way.

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Pergolas and terraces

In city centers or in condos, the terrace is an important element for experiencing the outdoor space, which, however, being limited space, usually requires careful planning. The installation and design of pergolas or roofs makes it possible to make it a more enjoyable space at any time of the year, even more so if there is a dialogue between the structure and the rest of the landscape.

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Urban landscape architecture

Urban landscape architecture straddles the urban plans and the architectural project. The public space aims to provide a social and sharing space and also to define urban identity, increasing the general satisfaction of citizens.

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Landscape architecture and lighting

Correct outdoor lighting is essential to easily enjoy outdoor spaces even at night and to ensure safety. The external lights, however, must illuminate in a not excessive and comfortable way, avoiding light pollution phenomena, a risk that must be taken into consideration even in the most ambitious landscape architecture projects.

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Paving and ground

The choice of outdoor flooring requires more attention than the indoor one. The materials must in fact withstand the action of atmospheric agents and must adapt to the needs of the place (hottest or rainy and freezing areas) in which they are inserted. The dialogue between artifacts and the surrounding environment is one of the pillars of landscape architecture.