Example of architecture
Example of architecture

Architectural projects

Since ancient times, architecture has occupied an extremely important position in human society. The architectural discipline was born to find practical solutions to the primary problems of the humans and of their communal life: the need to have shelter for themselves and for their loved ones; the need for a place to store tools, provisions, precious objects; that of organizing spaces, life and the defense of the community.

Starting from these fundamental needs, architecture evolved to deal also with what transcends the mere concrete aspect of an individual human life: the representation of power and its prestige, the cult of the divine, the intellectual life of a society. In this way, architecture has become an integral part of the artistic and cultural expression of a given civilization or era.

Architectural design is a process that is as logical as it is artistic. Firstly, it must be able to identify forms, materials and processes suitable for the creation of functional spaces in which man can carry out specific activities such as living, working, relaxing, taking care of himself (etc.). It is a wide-ranging scientific process: not only must it consider technical issues such as the choice of the right materials and compliance with current regulations, but it must also take into consideration the needs of human beings, which vary enormously according to the age of the people, their number and intended use.

Secondly - but no less important - an architectural project always has artistic connotations. The choice of colours, materials and shapes has a significant impact on people's perception of spaces and influences their attitudes and behavior in a cascading effect. Even the most functional building contributes - by the simple fact of existing - to determining the character of the space in which it stands and the behavior of the people who are inside and near it.

An architectural project naturally varies according to the different intended uses and the taste and ideas of the client. A business or a production site will tend to be built with the concept of functionality as its core. The head office of an institution or a large company will combine functional needs with representative and cultural ones. Residential architecture, on the other hand, will try to balance the need to accommodate a certain number of people in a given space in the most pleasant and comfortable way. While a HoReCa project will try to combine a functional aspect with a pleasant look to attract customers. And so on.

Multifunctional center offices brick building glass
Hub for innovative companies in Brooklyn. Sculptural brick volume with a traditional style

HWKN's Bushwick Generator is a new office "campus" that embodies the neighborhood's energy and tradition of entrepreneurship. The team designed a bold new building with a sculptural brick volume that establishes a vertical focal point in the neighborhood

atelier kitchen island brass
From a factory to an artist's studio-house. The materials and design of the details transform the essence of the building

In Holland, in Zaandam, a monumental industrial building becomes "Ketelhuis" (a warm house), the home-workshop of a couple of artists, thanks to the work of Modijefsky Studio in collaboration with the clients' atelier

Open space working space
Open plan workspace. Strong material palette of ebony-stained plywood defines the environment

Substantial's new workspace is located in a 100-year-old building, and architectural studio goCstudio was brought in to redesign an entire floor that would be able to adapt and meet the company's growing needs

School of dance in bricks
Dance school in Brooklyn. Culture & Sports use to create the community identity

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture renovates a former industrial building in Brooklyn, USA and turns it into a space for culture, dance, self-esteem and trust

Concrete and wood interior
A nursing home resembles a cozy home. Concrete architecture is complemented by the use of wood

dmvA architecten studio was commissioned to incorporate an educational care home in the center of the existing Care lab in Bruges, converting a series of spaces and occupying them in an intelligent and multifunctional way

Wooden interior kindergarten nest
Multi-story nursery school in Paris optimizes the city's surfaces. A wooden net wraps around the building

The city of Paris has inaugurated a major multi-story building dedicated to early childhood and designed by BFV Architectes, capable of ensuring greater environmental performance and optimizing the use of space in the city thanks to vertical distribution

india high school
High school in India. Trapezoidal volumes design the architecture between contrasting lights and shadows

Sanjay Puri Architects interpreted the organic character of Indian villages to create the design of the school in Rajasthan. Taking into consideration the desert climate of its location each of the classrooms is oriented to the north to get indirect sunlight

house forest reinforced concrete structure
Garden House in Buenos Aires. The structure made of exposed reinforced concrete opens towards the outside

Alberto Campo Baeza's Studio carries out the project of a villa on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The two-level structure was designed with an exposed reinforced concrete structure, where some walls disappear to open the "structural box" towards the garden

Prospectus restored historical building
Structural rehabilitation of a building in Lisbon. Renovation of construction and decorative elements

A Portuguese building dating back to the 20th century is undergoing rehabilitation by the architects of rar.studio who, in addition to structural reinforcement are committed to improving the energy performance and comfort of the apartments

Interior wooden pavilion
Wood installation in Canadian nature. A pavilion as a monument to the Pacific Connector Pipeline

FLOAT Architectural Research and Design studio designs three pavilions, sanctuaries for animal species, arranged along the route of the Pacific Connector Pipeline, a major planned pipeline in North America that undermines the biodiversity of the environment

Madrid’s sports hall
Madrid’s sports hall. A space of great light and breadth

The sports hall at Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) in Pozuelo, Madrid is a big, diaphanous, brightly lit space with plenty of breadth. This sober project is architecturally in harmony with the buildings around it. That is much more than a place for practicing sports designed, developed and built to give the university a new multi-purpose facility.

Wooden school surrounded by nature
Wooden school in the Danish islands. Food and physical activity at the heart of education

The New Islands Brygge School, a new wooden school building, located near the port of Copenhagen, is distinguished by the use of innovative teaching environments, with food and physical activity at its centre

Court Cultural Center Cement
Cultural centre in China. Balance between the primary force of nature and modern construction

Zhu Pei Studio designed the Shou County Culture and Art Centre by studying the cultural roots of Shou County and observing the old buildings and discovering how the ancestors sought a balance between the primary force of nature and the active construction without modern technologies

Miner Road House
Sustainable villa made of corten, glass and wood. A home to live in contact with the rhythms of nature

The clients who commissioned the project are a couple of environmental scientists who, together with their two children, moved from the Oakland Hills to the summer climate of Orinda. A new sustainable home was constructed from the ruins of the old structure, giving its occupants the opportunity to live in close contact with nature

Installation in Venice
Installation as a manifesto-project. Architecture in harmony with the specificity of place and the autonomy of its shape

The installation by Barozzi Veiga studio expresses the contrast between monument and perception: the search for a specific, autonomous and monumental architecture that aspires to belong to a place and to be part of it

House in compact wood
Wooden villa at the edge of the forest. The windows open onto the changing views of the seasons

Joris Verhoeven Architectuur studio designs a compact wooden house, built in a decent and sustainable way, which becomes part of its surroundings: without fences the pristine nature becomes its own garden

Circular wooden pavilion
Iconic architecture on Mount Dushan. New wooden recreation centre with a circular shape

Chinese studio DnA Architecture and Design has built a new recreation centre on Dushan Mountain in Shanghai, a landmark in the region which is one of the district's major tourist projects, including water sports facilities and gymnasiums

kitchen resin wood black staircase
Double volume for the bookcase. Functionality and aesthetics for a renovation in Madrid

Zooco Studio's renovation project revolves around the double volume of the dining area, with books becoming the decorative element of the house combined with a binary selection of materials: oak wood on the floor and white for the other surfaces

Wooden swing
Wood pavilion in Ortisei. Five functions in a Unique Space that reinvents itself

In Val Gardena, in the beautiful scenery of Ortisei, the Noa* firm creates "Swinging Frames", a web of wooden frames for the info point of Hotel Pinei St.Ulrich, that condenses five different functions into a single space

College Toronto Modern Enlargement
Expansion to a College in Toronto. Balanced mix of spaces for students

A building that offers students the comforts of a campus within the confines of a limited urban site is the expansion project for the city of Toronto by Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc

hotel lounge sofas and ceiling
Hotels along the ancient Silk Road. Architecture that combines Eastern and Western culture

The Intercontinental Xi'an North is located in the CBD of Xi'an Economic & Technological Development Zone, where politics, culture and commerce converge. Through the adoption of magnificent architectural languages, CCD Studio recreates and showcases Xi'an's thousand-year-old culture

art center concrete blocks structure
Art centre in China. Spiritual activities and environment combine in a geometrical architecture

The project was conceived when the developer Aranya asked Neri&hu to design an art centre in a "seaside community", a place where strong spirituality emerges from a lifestyle in contact with the environment, hence the idea of creating open spaces and places for socialising

L-House in Purkersdorf. Spruce slats cover the building and frame the landscape

The design of this villa near Vienna pays great attention to the sustainability of the systems and materials, using the most sustainable material par excellence which is wood. The result is a warm, welcoming space which frames the surrounding landscape from the inside

Villa Catwalk in Minorca white volumes
Villa Catwalk in Menorca. A walkway stretching towards breathtaking sea and mountain views

The house is located in Coves Noves, in the north-eastern part of the island of Menorca, Spain, on a plot of 2600 square metres. The entire complex is built on a slope that gives each house a breathtaking view of the sea, the peculiarity of the site on which this house stands is that in addition to the sea view it also has a beautiful view of Monte Toro, the highest mountain on the island

Wooden dwelling
Wooden houses with a view of the Alps. Natural materials for a sustainable, ecological project

Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti studio designs low-energy housing in a small community in southern Slovenia, using elementary natural materials such as clay bricks and wooden slat cladding in harmony with the sloping hillsides in the background

University Campus India artificial lake
Campus in India. The geometries of Architecture fit into the natural landscape

The project, conceived by the Sangath Studio, was designed with a view to the potential growth of the campus and its relationship with natural beauty, the main protagonist. Thus the geometries of the building are articulated in the valley in a harmonic contrast

Courtyard of a kindergarten with wooden panels
Historic town hall as a kindergarten entrance. Children grow up in the natural presence of the past

The old town hall in Bonheiden has been given a very characteristic role as the entrance to a kindergarten housed in a new building which was designed by Moke architecten. A coexistence of the old and new creates a stimulating and safe environment for the children

installation China fashion prism light
Sculptural installation in China. A crystalline prism inspires the fashion house's contemporary flair

OPENSYSTEMS embarks on its first project in China in collaboration with NN, a fashion retailer located in Xintiandi Style, Shanghai, by designing Dice, a sculptural installation that signals the brand's entry into the market. The work resembles the shape of a primitive crystalline structure

museum china neighborhood art facade
Art Town in Shenzhen. A collection of artistic spaces as a network of public places

Rocco Design Architects designed the new Art & Design Museum, located in the heart of the art town of Shapu, Shenzhen. The space is designed as a cultural centre and landmark. The Museum houses Art Town, a group of art spaces, galleries, art schools and exhibition areas

Temporary Summer Pavillon in Bratislava seen from across the street
Temporary Summer Pavilion in Bratislava. A thin structure creates an experiential space

A slender structure, a monumental white skeleton encloses a green space with grass and trees that was created by the Gallery's desire to provide its visitors with a space in which they can experience the outdoors in the summer season