Example of wooden architecture
Example of wooden architecture

Wooden buildings and works

Wood architecture is the section of arkitectureonweb dedicated to all those architectural and design projects that choose this material as the central element of the project. A way of building that has been continuously expanding in recent years thanks to the countless advantages it brings: energy saving, sustainability, lightness, speed of construction and good seismic and fire resistance behavior.

Architecture with wood is a form of construction that is based on the use of natural materials to create sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings. Wood offers many benefits as a renewable natural resource, including ease of processing, resistance to moisture and insects, thermal insulation and durability. Additionally, wood provides a warm, comfortable environment that encourages health and well-being.

Various types of wood such as oak, spruce or pine are used in wood architecture. Each offers different advantages in terms of aesthetics or characteristics of the final product.

The interesting thing is that this type of architecture can be used in multiple ways: from traditional load-bearing structures to modern prefabricated houses that can be built in a relatively short time.

But what are the main construction systems for building wooden buildings?

The Xlam structure: it is a massive technique which provides for the use of load-bearing elements inside the wooden buildings made up of multilayer panels, whose static behavior is similar to that of slabs.

The Block House technique, one of the first used, is a massive solution and involves the overlapping of heavy wooden elements, once trunks, stuck together.

The frame construction system is a lightweight solution that involves the construction of a load-bearing skeleton with non-load-bearing infill panels.

The Platform Frame construction system allows the construction of wooden buildings up to 4 floors high in a short period of time. The load-bearing walls are made up of wooden beams at regular intervals, closed by rigid wood or plaster-based panels.


Wooden swing
Wood pavilion in Ortisei. Five functions in a Unique Space that reinvents itself

In Val Gardena, in the beautiful scenery of Ortisei, the Noa* firm creates "Swinging Frames", a web of wooden frames for the info point of Hotel Pinei St.Ulrich, that condenses five different functions into a single space

L-House in Purkersdorf. Spruce slats cover the building and frame the landscape

The design of this villa near Vienna pays great attention to the sustainability of the systems and materials, using the most sustainable material par excellence which is wood. The result is a warm, welcoming space which frames the surrounding landscape from the inside

Wooden dwelling
Wooden houses with a view of the Alps. Natural materials for a sustainable, ecological project

Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti studio designs low-energy housing in a small community in southern Slovenia, using elementary natural materials such as clay bricks and wooden slat cladding in harmony with the sloping hillsides in the background

Structure of wine tasting
New wine tasting building. Breathtaking views of the Columbia River

In the heart of the Columbia Gorge in the United States amidst breathtaking views of sculptured mountains, an old warehouse is complemented by a new structure, which forms an outdoor courtyard and is the centrepiece of the project and welcomes visitors to the new wine tasting room

Wooden interior
Ecological semi-detached house. The compact architecture volume guarantees an excellent energy balance

MWArchitekten studio designs a sustainable house for two separate families on the site, the outcome of the architects' detailed study of the various types of housing that have developed over the generations

Round wooden villa
Rotating house in the province of Rimini. An experimental project made of Wood to achieve a zero energy balance

In the province of Rimini, architect Roberto Rossi has built a wooden house with a zero energy balance which can rotate 360°, enabling the solar panels to follow the movement of the sun and the inhabitants of the house to enjoy a constant new view

New building with a wooden top floor in Monza. Light and simple lines characterize the spaces

The project involved the construction of a new element in an urbanised area on the edge of the Monza Historical Park and near the famous Autodromo. The new volume made of XLam wood has been designed to make the most of sunlight and ensure the visual continuity of the roof in all spaces

Arvo Part Music Center
Arvo Pärt Centre in the middle of a pine forest. Link between music and architecture

The origin of the project for the Arvo Pärt Centre is the diocotomy between music and architecture, the search for a balance between the intimacy of the Estonian artist's compositions and the serene beauty of the landscape, characterised by tall pine trees

Expansion of a visitor center
Wooden expansion in the Netherlands. The new Visitor Centre in the Castle

At the end of 2014, lab03, in cooperation with the contractor Somass, won the competition for a new visitor centre next to the historic Assumburg castle in Heemskerk, the Netherlands, whose construction was completed in 2015

Wooden house in the mountains
Holiday home in the Austrian mountains. A modern way of life in a traditional building

Austrian Stefan Schweighofer designs a holiday home under the imposing mountains of the Reticone, with a robust wooden construction, in which the right balance is sought between lifestyle and contemporary technology with the traditional type of construction

Residential complex in wood
Three buildings built on a hill. Panoramic view of a mountainous landscape

In the Toyama prefecture, Velocity Studio designs between buildings with views of the nearby mountain, which surrounds the site on which they stand, where the mountain is part of the daily domestic scene for those who live there

Wooden cabin with triangular shape
Wooden cabin to relax. A zen space away from noisy cities

Hello Wood studio designs small wooden cabins, shaped like an A, with the idea of proposing a place for couples, single people or a group of friends where they can rest and relax away from the noise of the city

Wooden house covered with metal
Wooden house. Cedar-clad interiors create a warm and cosy look

The house located in the prefecture of Hyogo, Japan, it was designed by thu atelier. The spaces are flooded with soft, warm light, as are the interiors

Wooden dwelling
Wooden house in Norway. The interior as a new interpretation of the vernacular typology

On the outskirts of Trondheim in central Norway, in an area characterized by small wooden houses, Sanden+Hodnekvam Architects studio designs a building that adapts to tradition on the outside while reinterpreting it on the inside.

Wooden facade of a villa
Green Roof for a Villa in the Netherlands. Minimalist project with personality

On the outside, black defines the geometry of the house, not contrasting with its surroundings but conveying an idea of overbearing minimalism. This is how FilliéVerhoeven Architecten Studio reinterprets the building typology of the area in a modernist and elegant key

Villa in contemporary wood
Wooden villa near the Baltic Sea. Local materials as well as contact with nature

The family villa, designed by DO Architects studio is located a few hundred metres from the Baltic Sea, where sand, pebbles and pines meet in a place full of views and sounds that enable you to get in touch with the surrounding nature

Modular hospital in wood
Emergency Hospital 19. A sustainable and autonomous hospital designed for the future of healthcare

Architect Filippo Taidelli develops the concept of a modular, flexible and autonomous hospital developed in a collaboration between Humanitas and Technit, with the desire to support hospital activities in emergency situations involving infectious diseases.

Steel and wood cant
Expansion in Trentino. Steel and wood over-elevation

The project was developed by the Architects of Plasma Studio as a parasite that adopts the structure of its host and gradually distorts it to adapt to a unique organisation.

Extension wooden house in the forest
Holiday home in the Netherlands. Sustainable architecture for a wooden expansion

The Bloot Architetecture studio renovates a holiday home dating back to 1950 in the Netherlands. The house surrounded by nature is expanded with a new wooden volume

Independent wooden house
Expansion of a detached house. Harmonious continuation between the old and new

The house, located in Hamamatsu, on the southern coast of central Japan, dating back to the early 1980s, is being expanded, with the aim of creating a harmonious blend of old and new, without contrasts.

Laboratory of constructive efficiency
Laboratory in the United Kingdom. An exercise in constructive efficiency

A new laboratory, a prototype, built by Invisible Studio to complete the work carried out by the forest studio, uses seasoned spruce wood, grown and processed in Bath in the UK.

Wooden shed
Natural and environmentally friendly materials for a Shed. Wooden structure and bright interiors

Pamphilon Architects designed a simple building in Cambridge, which had to be built with minimal, environmentally friendly materials, and above all, it had to be very efficient from a thermal point of view, since it did not have any heating.

Interior double-pitched wooden chapel
Belarusian Chapel in the United Kingdom. Monument to the memory of the victims of nuclear disaster

Designed by Spheron Architects, the Woodside Park chapel was built for the Belarusian diaspora community in the UK, and is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Terrace with swimming pool and deck chairs
Renovated house from the 80s. Wooden shell for the first floor

A house from the 1980s located in São Paulo was completely redesigned by the Arthur Casas architectural studio and acquired a new appearance thanks to the use of wood and the numerous new openings with which the sturdy building is equipped.

Holiday home in Portugal. Cement and wood frame the panoramic views

Designed by Atelierdacosta, the house with a concrete base and wooden structure is intended to represent the ephemeral concept of architecture. Designed to be a holiday home, the functional spaces are developed taking into account the openings and views to the outside.

Dwellings with six roofs
House composed of six roofs. Open and bright space in the centre and outside facing the surrounding neighbourhood

The house is designed by the Velocity Studio for a married couple and their child. The site is located in a residential area in front of the school path where the school children and the women of the neighborhood pass through.

Wooden dwelling
Connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Expansion and restyling of a home

Architectural studio FMD Architects expands and renovates a home by creating new spaces within it, an additional master bedroom and through a restyling of the existing spaces, the bathroom and bedrooms

Long bench shaped like a snake
City Snake, “smart" bench with integrated solar panels. Cool and sustainable design

Hello Wood contributes with its design to a campaign for a group of Hungarian energy companies. In their "Smart School" initiative the Hungarian public schools can win one of the smart furniture designed and produced for the company.

Wooden hostel
Hostel as a triangular module in Argentina. The trees define the built space

A replicable project, which develops considering the free space between the trees, made possible by the triangular matrix. The maximum flexibility was the pivotal point of this project by iR Arquitectura, which places the environment at the centre of the built space.

Terrace with swimming pool
House on the Beach in Mexico. The Public Space on the upper floor for enjoying the view of the sea

The architectural studio BAAQ' designs a house belonging to a development of 6 houses in the coastal community of Santa Helena Oaxana, Mexico, taking advantage of the existing fundamentals of a previous project that has never been realized.