Example of wooden architecture
Example of wooden architecture

Wooden buildings and works

Wood architecture is the section of arkitectureonweb dedicated to all those architectural and design projects that choose this material as the central element of the project. A way of building that has been continuously expanding in recent years thanks to the countless advantages it brings: energy saving, sustainability, lightness, speed of construction and good seismic and fire resistance behavior.

Architecture with wood is a form of construction that is based on the use of natural materials to create sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings. Wood offers many benefits as a renewable natural resource, including ease of processing, resistance to moisture and insects, thermal insulation and durability. Additionally, wood provides a warm, comfortable environment that encourages health and well-being.

Various types of wood such as oak, spruce or pine are used in wood architecture. Each offers different advantages in terms of aesthetics or characteristics of the final product.

The interesting thing is that this type of architecture can be used in multiple ways: from traditional load-bearing structures to modern prefabricated houses that can be built in a relatively short time.

But what are the main construction systems for building wooden buildings?

The Xlam structure: it is a massive technique which provides for the use of load-bearing elements inside the wooden buildings made up of multilayer panels, whose static behavior is similar to that of slabs.

The Block House technique, one of the first used, is a massive solution and involves the overlapping of heavy wooden elements, once trunks, stuck together.

The frame construction system is a lightweight solution that involves the construction of a load-bearing skeleton with non-load-bearing infill panels.

The Platform Frame construction system allows the construction of wooden buildings up to 4 floors high in a short period of time. The load-bearing walls are made up of wooden beams at regular intervals, closed by rigid wood or plaster-based panels.


Reconstructed wooden bay
Wooden house on Lake St-François. Relaxing atmosphere to be gradually discovered

On the shores of Lake St. François, Quebec, the Bourgeois / Lechasseur studio reconstructs the holiday home of a growing family, preserving the natural surroundings and keeping the area open to the lake

University of Helsinki
New Wooden Space for the University of Helsinki. Openings and connections between Science and Society

"The new think corner" is the new area of the University of Helsinki, made of wood and stone and designed by JKMM, which transforms the old administrative building into a meeting point and interaction between science and the community

Brick and wood house
Holiday home in Denmark. Larch and slate reinterpret the "babushka"

In Denmark, on the fjord of Vejle, the CEBRA studio creates a holiday home made of larch, the result of an architectural interpretation of the traditional "babushka" doll, a sort of double house where the smaller one is contained in the larger one

Wooden House
Lake residence in North America. Gabled roof and wooden sections for the Residence

The residence was designed by Atelier Boom Town for two brothers who wish to meet and spend special occasions with their families, relaxing in contact with nature along the banks of a lake in the Laurentian, North America

Wooden offices in the United States
Seven-storey Solid Wood Office Building in the U.S. for the Company Headquarters

Designed by Michael Green Architecture in collaboration with the Architect-of-Record DLR Group, the seven-storey office building in Minneapolis' North Loop is the largest solid wood building in the United States

Wooden school in Lombardy among nature
New Concept for the school building in Lombardy. Architecture & Nature: didactic elements enjoyed by everyone

The architecture studio LCA Architetti works on a project in Lonate Ceppino in the province of Varese, Lombardy. The design studio is developed in open contact with the surrounding natural elements

Wooden cottage in the snowy mountains
Cottage & Wood in France. Architecture that enhances the landscape

Chevallier Architectes studio constructs a complex project due to the constraints of the building and the particular site. The solution proposed by the team has made it possible to successfully complete the construction, optimizing the space as much as possible

Cedar cottage
Holiday home on the lake. Cedar cottage in communion with nature

In Saint-Elie de Caxton, Quebec, Canada, Architects Marie-Claude Hamelin and Loukas Yiacouvakis of YH2 studio, design a 140 square meter wooden residence for family holidays, which creates a true communion with nature in peace and quiet

Extension of a wooden house
Extension in France. A project to convert into energy efficiency

A house dating back to the 70s, located near the sea in Morbihan, is demolished and rebuilt using the new standards of 'energy efficiency' and using ecological building materials to convert it into a bioclimatic house

School in abruzzo in wood
Project for the school in Abruzzo. Architectural expansion oriented towards the landscape

The project proposed by the team of LCA Architects for the redevelopment and expansion of the school in Pescina, in the province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo, was to develop a genuine intergenerational civic pole which would be appealing to the community

attic with two sloping roof
Refuge in the Canadian forest. The cedar clad building is modelled on the foliage of the trees

The Colombière is a refuge built in the forest to remind us of the bird huts, the building redesigned by YH2 is located in North America, Canada

contemporary and historical architecture
Villa in Switzerland. The Wooden Barn reworked combining history and innovation

The project by dieterdietz.org, follows the prevailing characteristics of the rural site where it is located, in Switzerland in Chigny, where the solitary volumes of conglomerates provide space and shelter for daily activities

company headquarters covered in wood
The company headquarters is integrated into the campus. Wooden cladding for the new working environment

The architectural brand of the working environment reinforces the commitment and sense of belonging of the employees of this leading construction company in Quebec. Lemay architectural studio is awarded: the American Architecture Prize

wooden house with traditional shapes
House in Slovakia. Traditional forms and innovative technology

Architect Jaro Krobot reconstructs a wooden house in Lučatín, a small village in Slovakia that replaces an existing brick barn. The construction respects the limits and accesses imposed on the constructed volumes

wooden installation
Wooden installation, a symbol in Milan. The borderline view between the inside and outside

The boundary between the inside and outside, a necessary line, which must always be denied for it to be meaningful, is the theme of the installation created in Milan by the architect Luca Scacchetti, on the occasion of the 2013 Fuorisalone

contemporary home study
Studio house in Varese. Prefabricated wooden building for working in Nature

Architect Luca Compri's LCA architecture studio designs its own professional studio, immediately demonstrating its desire to create sustainable architecture by choosing not to use any other territory

Wooden villa in the forest
Wood & Sustainability in North America. Architecture that integrates with Nature

Architect Paul Bernier carries out a sustainable and site-sensitive project that preserves the topography, vegetation and natural appearance of the property. The customers have lived on the property for many years, they love its characteristics and know the territory well

cottage wood nature
Wooden Cottage in the Magdalen Islands in Canada. Modern shapes and natural materials

This second house is located in the Magdalen Islands, opposite the Western Dunes and the sea. The clients are a retired couple who spend a few months a year in this cottage designed by the architects Bourgeois/Lechasseur

illuminated villa
Wooden Villa on the beach. In the US between cedar wood ceilings and ocean views

On the beach of Breezy Point, in Queens, BFDO Architect has created a detached villa on a sandy ground that has a prestigious location. The main facade faces south and the rooms overlook the ocean

extension in wood
Wooden expansion in Catania. The new structure upgrades the Existing

The Sicilian architectural studio tuttiarchitetti realizes a residential expansion of a building dating back to the seventies, creating an expansion of wood that rests on the existing construction

Temporary pavilion in wood
Temporary pavilion for a festival. Permeable space with different functions

For the Walk&Talk festival, Mezzo Atelier studio has created a temporary wooden pavilion, an alternative space where different festival dynamics take place, from conferences to shows and concerts, from workshops to simple meeting points

Wooden pavilion for the São Paulo Biennale
Installation for the San Paolo Biennial. Wooden pavilion with cubic volume

The Fala studio designs on the occasion of the 32nd Sao Paulo Biennial, a pavilion that is to be installed in the garden, which is made of wood with a cubic volume and different colours, combining professionalism and playfulness at the same time

Contemporary cottage between marshes and forest
Contemporary cottage in Norway. A place of disconnection between the swamps and the forest

The TYIN Tegnestue Architects Studio proposes a reinterpretation of the cottage, a theme dear to Norwegian culture. It has a modest size, 60 square meters and therefore a sustainable structure both in terms of material use and energy consumption

Restaurant in Uganda with straw roof
Straw roof for a restaurant in Uganda. Food and materials to create a sensory mix

In Kampala, among the hills, stands a thatched wooden building designed by Terrain Architects Studio. The local culture of materials blends with the kitchen and the landscape with its slopes determining its two-storey structure

Hut on the edge of a rural village
Cabin on the edge of a rural village. Wood and glass expansion

The mia2 studio in collaboration with Architettura ZT, handles the circumferential expansion of a small property surrounded by nature and made of wood and glass, which leaves the original construction as the core of the new expansion

Minimal space in birch plywood
Shop in the United States for the FEIT brand. Minimal space using birch plywood

The FEIT brand opens its first store in the United States, more precisely in San Francisco, designed by JordanaMaisie Design Studio, reinventing the traditional shoe store and the customer's experience in the interior

Farm in recovered wood
Renovated farm on the outskirts of Montreal. The farm buildings become a dwelling

A couple of farmers and artists turned to the architecture studio LAMAS for the renovation of old barns in Canada, in order to transform them into houses, whose design did not neglect the rudimentary nature of the buildings.

Wooden extension for a terraced house
Wooden extension for a London townhouse. New spaces and new openings

An extension with a reduced budget, that on a Edwardian townhouse in South London, which, through careful evaluation and the use of cheap materials by the Nimtim studio completely changes the use of the ground floor

Wooden house near the river
Wooden house near the river. Construction with a traditional character

The architecture studio FRAM Arquitectos designs a house close to the Luján River, an area characterized by plains and ponds, with traditional architecture deeply related to the environment in which it is located

Home between sustainable and vernacular
Coating like " shower" of wood. Housing between sustainable and vernacular

The Desai Chia Architecture studio designs the "Montauk House" in New York, a dwelling with a characteristic wooden façade that is reminiscent of the vernacular architecture, without neglecting the attention to sustainable design