Example of communication, graphincs and style
Example of communication, graphincs and style

Communication, graphics and style

Graphics are generally a product of design oriented towards visual communication. A real creative expression, often linked to the marketing and communication of a product, but sometimes also a pure form of expression or art. The choice of colors and the ability to mix them is a fundamental element in this form of expression, in many ways similar to the design of objects.

Communication is one of the most important elements in architectural design. With the ever-developing technology and the evolution of culture, the different forms of communication have become increasingly complex. Architecture is no longer limited to simple physical buildings, but also represents many other forms of communication. Communication in architecture provides a means of sharing ideas, values and cultural heritage between different cultures. Good communication can greatly increase mutual understanding, as demonstrated by field research which has shown how buildings can significantly influence relationships between members of society.

An equally important role in architecture is played by graphics which is a practice that is part of the discipline of architectural design. Graphics can help an architect express his or her ideas in greater detail through illustrations, diagrams, and other visual means. Accurate use of graphic techniques can support the execution of complex designs as well as help architects effectively communicate their designs with team members, clients and builders. The use of graphics in architecture has become increasingly important in recent years thanks to the spread of computer-graphic design (CAD) tools.

Finally, another essential element in architecture is style. In architecture, style is an important way of expressing a building's aesthetics. Architectural style can define the shape of the building and how it appears within the surrounding structure or landscape. The choice of a particular architectural style helps to influence the surrounding environment and the well-being of the inhabitants.

Communication, graphics and style in architecture play a key role in shaping not only the aesthetics of the built space but also the intrinsic feelings it contains.

Coral. A paper artwork that pays homage to the marine life
Coral. A paper artwork that pays homage to the marine life

Invited by the Montreal Eaton Centre as part of its "Une vitrine sur l'art" initiative, the paper sculptor Pauline Loctin is proud to present Coral, a three-dimensional paper installation. A tribute to marine life that amazes visitors with its great scenic impact

Solar Quartz, an enigmatic and dreamlike installation designed on the island of Tenerife
Solar Quartz, an enigmatic and dreamlike installation designed on the island of Tenerife

Vincent Leroy envisages Solar Quartz as a unique stone, different from all others in the volcanic desert of the island of Tenerife and made of perforated stainless steel. The light reflecting on a geodesic structure plays with the installation and passes through it and is reflected in it at the same time

Artistic mural. Poetic and fantastic view of New York's cloud scape.
Artistic mural. Poetic and fantastic view of New York's cloud scape

The Mural at the Max is a 28,000 square foot mural for a new luxury building located on West 57th Street in New York City.  The creation of this artwork stemmed from the need to give a beautiful view to approximately 100 apartment units that faced a blank wall

londra urban graphic
Architecture and Urban Graphics in London. The city becomes an open-air gallery

For Adam Nathaniel Furman the city around us is the largest gallery in the world, of life, of materials, of compositions. He creates an urban graphic composition inviting us to "look up and look down". Look Down To Look Up

No sunrise, no sunset pavilion. The steel reflects the surrounding nature between reality and illusion
No sunrise, no sunset pavilion. The steel reflects the surrounding nature between reality and illusion

Within No sunrise, no sunset, Yaisa is the symbol of love and waiting. She is waiting for someone she loves who has left her in order to look for the ultimate truth and make a promise that he will return to her when he finds it. Every day, she stands in the same spot waiting for him

jewelry bijoux coin collection Angela Caputi
Jewelry inspired by futurism, the sea and history. Femininity through art

Angela Caputi through her collections wants to describe the world around her. So she starts from Futurism for the Alabaster collection, from the shades of the sea to create the Ocean line and from the Roman sesterces for the new Monete line.

View of a shopping center
Retail photography and scenery. A journey told through images and window displays

Drew Harty is an American photographer who has travelled over 13,000 miles from Missisipi to the West Coast of the United States to complete a national survey of retail landscapes and the impact that window displays have on the Metropolitan Landscape

Access is by the front of the car
This is not a car! The Microlino, which combines the advantages of a motorcycle and those of a car

Inspired by the scooter chassis-cabs of the Fifties, Microlino was designed to be the ideal vehicle with which to cover the daily routes and make the city more accessible, also through the scooter provided

Paper and perspective in photography
Graphics and photography. Pieces of black paper to transform and beautify a captured moment

Rich McCor known as Paperboyo is referred to as a destructive vandal, because through the viewfinder of the camera he establishes a boundary that he transforms and embellishes through black pieces of maestrally cut paper

Artist photography as theater stages
Photography and stage theater. Art as gestures and expressions of female bodies

The multifaceted artist Virginia Panichi uses art through various forms, photography, painting and installation, her paintings are therefore more than performances and her a narrative follows a fine thread made of symbols

Wonder Galaxy for Casa Decor. A futuristic and playful installation that evokes childhood dreams
Wonder Galaxy for Casa Decor. A futuristic and playful installation that evokes childhood dreams

On the occasion of the 54th anniversary of Casa Decor in Madrid, Patricia Bustos Studio has created "WonderGalaxy".  A futuristic journey that explores the relations hip between the future and childhood dreams, allowing the user to fully indulge their fantasy and imagination

GO wheelchair custom 3D printing
GO a human-centered vehicle. The wheeled seda with customized 3D printed elements

GO is a prototype designed by Studio Layer and includes two customized 3D molded elements, the seat and the foot housing. The shape is guided by the digital data derived from the biometric mapping of each user to adapt with precision

Copper motorcycle with aerodynamic aesthetics
Aesthetics and Movement. Drawing speed through the body and aerodynamics

Samothrace is not just a motorcycle but a design object, designed by Mario Trimarchi for De Castelli. In this stylistic work the designer challenges himself by drawing speed through the shapes of the body and giving the object a sense of adrenaline

photo architecture courtyard Budapest
Budapest seen from the courtyards. Photography to describe architecture with a new perspective

The young Hungarian photographer Tamas Dragon describes his city, Budapest, through the gaze of a childhood memory, sensing the space with his nose up. Fascinated by the courtyards of the old buildings, he proposes a new perspective of architecture

home printed metal module cad cam
Prefabricated house with printed modules. A flexible and sustainable metal enclosure

Designer Eva Sopeoglou creates a holiday home in Greece using state-of-the-art digital CAD/CAM technology. The perforated sheet metal graphically recreates the leaves of the olive trees in which the house is immersed

landscapes photography composition
Landscapes composed as sculptural environments. Expression of the algorithm of popular taste

Photographer Anastasia Samoylova uses filterless research to create images of distant and evocative landscapes that she then composes, giving them an almost sculptural appearance. Each print evokes a certain sector of popular taste she interprets.

graphic signs social distances
Graphics and social distance. Posters as communication tools for a new habit

The CannonDesign Team has been dealing with communication and strategies for companies for years, in light of the new social habits dictated by the events of recent months, reflecting on how road signs could be transformed into totems to dictate new messages.

Home Wellness and Design. The bicycle without wheels turns into a furnishing object
Home Wellness and Design. The bicycle without wheels turns into a furnishing object

Fuoripista Bike is a bicycle for Home Wellness where the main canon is aesthetics, as well as physical activity. It is the first product of the new brand launched by Elite, with the advice of Adriano Design. It also offers the opportunity to follow real routes

Oru Kayak origami industrial design technology
Kayak like an origami. The boat folds up into a backpack to explore the world around us

Oru Kayak is a California-based company with headquarters in San Francisco. In an effort to ensure that as many people as possible can explore nature in an easy way, it has created this collection of kayaks that close like an origami and can be transported like a backpack

Design and playground in Madrid. A colourful child-friendly city where you can discover free play

The Aberrant Architecture Studio with Landscape for Play is on its second exhibition space project dedicated to free play. In an old abattoir in Madrid, a playground is created which is based on free time and moves the forms of the surrounding city into an interior space

urban photography Miami interior palm curtain
Photography and Ecosystem in Miami. The transformation of the coast between natural and built landscapes

The photographer Anastasia Samoylova provides evidence of climate change through her work. The project, which began in Miami in 2016, generated a process of analysis through which the artist understood the dissonance between the real estate market and the invasion of the ocean

Hotel China Hall playful design Color
Playful design for a hotel in China. Coloured graphics become the protagonists of the spaces

X + Living designs the Magic Hotel located in Huzhou, China, a place between playful and functional, where spaces are designed mainly through graphics, inspiring children's entertainment and playfulness, but also taking into account the needs of business people

Skateboard rubber tires recycled
Recycled rubber skateboard. The second life-cycle of tyres through the shredding process

The young designer Paolo Stefano Gentile designs and produces Fragment, a collection of skateboards made of rubber from End-of-Life Tyres (ELT). Through the shredding processes, the rubber of the tyre is transformed into granules capable of maintaining all the technical properties of the tyre.

Zero Scooter
Design and mobility. A vision of contemporary aesthetics for an urban driving style

Scooter Zero was conceived from the idea of creating the first self-balancing scooter project inspired by Corradino D'Ascanio's Design and his passion for aerodynamic designs, in other words a vision of aesthetics that has lasted over time and can design the future

robot bar
Bionic Bar in Turin. New Robotic Interactions Design

The MakrShakr bar system was designed by award-winning studio Carlo RattiAssociati, which combines the robotics of the future with the roots of Italian design

Broken Project graphic and color statue of liberty
Graphics and psychedelic backgrounds. Suspended objects, like paintings in a visionary world

Broken Project is one of the many works proposed by Grafico Umberto Dana that mixes bright colours and pastel shades with monochrome backgrounds. The result are graphic paintings that, thanks to the meticulous interplay of shadows and the use of tones, seem to come to life.

city playground
Playground for a shopping mall in China. Combination of Colours and Compositions

The Chinese Studo XL, Li Xiang, designs the Neobio Family Park on the first floor of a shopping mall, dividing the space into various thematic zones integrated with each other where the interplay is the keyword for everything designed

reinterpreted logo graphics
A game of Logos. A reinterpretation using the designer's ironic vision

Viktor Hertz designs this series of Logos, which are nothing more than a new interpretation of well-known brands that he wants to turn into "honest", by unmasking their actual brand and product intentions with his graphic irony

facade graphics New York
Graphic Design for a building in Brooklyn. Facade like a huge drawing sheet

Camilla Walala reinvents the façade of a historic building in Brooklyn on the occasion of WantedDesign NYC 2018. The graphic project will have a permanent character, in which the design goes from an A4 sheet of paper to a 40-metre strip, reinventing the city's mink.

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