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Flexible spaces for students at the San Carlo College. Design and attention to acoustic comfort

Magenta 71 with Celenit sound-absorbing panels

Restoration and enhancement of the Luxury Resort. Stone and wood in the Swiss Alps

Recovery and enhancement of a luxury resort

Expansion of the Pecci Museum in Prato. Natural light and a return to the future

Enlargement of the museum

School complex in Switzerland. A facade made of colored glass for a modern School

School with colored glass facades

Nineteenth century residence at the port of Sydney. Recovering history on the Waterfront

Metal kitchen overlooking Sydney Harbor

Renovation of the Villa in Chieti. The transformation that is carried out using stone, brick and wood

villa with stone swimming pool

Elegant apartment in Turin. Unique space combining ancient and modern

Stately apartment with arches in the interior

Renovation of a former industrial building in Spain. From old warehouses to apartment

The open space space separated from the glass wall

The School becomes a Museum in Sweden. Wood at km Zero for change of intended use

The wooden palisade that defines the new facades

Renovation by the San Francisco Bay. New flexible spaces for the Haiku House

The house on the lake with a terrace

Hostel in Portugal. Strong colors and decisive geometries to give back life to an abandoned Villa

The stairwell is completely yellow with the metal staircase

Renovated restaurant in Palermo. Finishes and materials amplify the brightness

stone counter bar counter

The Barn transformed into a Refuge for families. In San Francisco, the right light transforms the ordinary into extraordinary

The restaurant hall with a wooden roof

Elegant and refined restyling. Apartment designed to the smallest detail

open space renovated

Single-family house on the patio. Renovation and restyling with a unique and original touch

wooden floors and patio

New life for a post-military building in Poland. A compact shell of black blades

exterior building metal cladding

Balance between history, design and nature. A former convent becomes a multifunctional space

The vault of the convent

Temporary pavilion in an ancient Sienese Carthusian monastery. A blend of history and contemporaneity

Pavilion with a cypress inside

Psychiatric center is redesigned. Between traces of the past and a look towards the future

Exterior of the building with detail of the restored facade

Former munitions depot becomes a single-family residence. The forms are redesigned

Extension of the living area